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Jayanta Hazarika

Jayanta Hazarika
Jayanta Hazarika who introduced several western instruments in assamese music was born in September 20, 1943. He was a singer, songwriter, composer, music director in assamese music. He was youngest of six children of Nilakanta Hazarika & Smt. Shantipriya Hazarika,the eldest among them is Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. He was popularly known as Rana, his family produced several gifted musicians/ artists of Assamese music

The place of Jayanta Hazarika in assamese can never be filled. He was indeed unique as a man of music. With the passing of years, his absence is being felt more and more, particularly, in the context of the present musical scenario, and all are left in utter regret imagining the height of his chievements had divine providence let him complete his normal quota of years. Singer, instrumentalist,composer and music director all rolled into one, the superlative artiste lit the post-independence decades of Assam with his soulful brand of music eternally endearing to all. His songs mesmerise Assamese society with melody and soulful lyrics which typically sets the mood for that eastern state. He is the first Assamese singer that targeted the urban youth with his music.

During his 34 years short life he performed playback singing for numerous Assamese films and made a number of vinyl records and audio cassettes. On 4th aug,1969 he married Manisha Sengupta a singer, born and raised in a respectable Bengali family in Kolkata, had a musical background. Mayukh Hazarika their only son, born on 13 January 1971 in kolkata is also a renowned singer /composer of Assamese modern music.

Followed the pioneering style of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala of synthetising the elements of Assamese folk, Indian classical and western music to weave out a distinctive form, intimate and recognisably Assamese in character. The lyrics and tunes of the songs are wedded with a powerful cohesion between them. Ushering in a fresh and invigorating period, he was, like his illustrious predecessors, not of an age but for all times.

He was a versatile person who could play quite a number of musical instruents, e.g., the guitar, dumra, mandolin, accordion, tabla and mouth-organ and his dexterity on the harmonium with his fingers extended over two octaves was an awe-inspiring sight. He showed signs of a promising singer right from his days at school and his sensitive ears contributed significantly in his accomplishment as an ingenious composer. The noted lyricist, Hemen Hazarika was amazed to find him complete the tuning of a song within half an hour. The use of uncoventional notes was a special trait of Jayanta Hazarika's music and the underlying tone of pathos was a characteristic feature of his typical style.

Thirty-five crowded years of meaningful existence has added significantly in upholding the rich cultural tradition flourishing in Assam for ages. The wings of his mind strived constantly for his ascent towards the zenith of the sky but his ever-conscious eyes were attuned firmly to his native soil. Inspite of his hectic schedule, he had the promptings of his heart to initiate the formation of the Sur Bahini, a mobile musical brigade which was committed to work selflessly for the welfare of the poor, helpless and distressed, especially victims of natural calamities. His artistic excellence and qualities of head and heart set the perfect example of an artiste in the true sense of the term. May he continue to inspire every succeeding generation in the years to come.

The life of this great musician came to end on October 15, 1977 in the age of 34 years.

As singer and composer and music director(for film & theater)

In 1966 Jayanta made entry to the domain of film music, as assistant music director to his brother Dr. Bhupen Hazarika in the film Latighoti (1966,directed by Bhupen Hazarika). In his career he worked in 5 films as an independent music director.

 A) Bonoria ful ( 1971- directed by Atul Bordoloi)
 B) Brishti ( 1975- directed by Deuti Barua)
 C) Dharmakai (1977 directed by Bhaben Das)
 D) Niyoti ( 1978 directed by Indukalpa Hazarika)
 E) Natun Asha( 1977 directed by Prabir Mitra)

He was composing music for few more films, but couldn't complete them

 A)  Rongamegh ( Directed by Atul Bordoloi)
 B)  Enajori ( Directed by Gauri Barman, completed 5 songs of this film)
 C)  Pohar ( Directed by Manik Bora, completed 2 songs)
 C)  Upapath( Directed by Hemanta Dutta, finally his wife Manisha Hazarika composed the music for this film)

Xur bahini

Apart from his commercial performances, Jayanta pioneered the formation of the Sur Bahini, a mobile musical brigade which was committed to working selflessly for the welfare of the poor.

Some of the popular songs by Jayanta Hazarika

 Aag Loti Kolapaat Lore Ki Sore
 Aagoli Botahe Kopaale Kolore Paat
 Aaji Pranor Mela Paatisu (Xur Baahini)
 Aakou Notun Probhat Hobo
 Aanor Kaarone Jibon Xalita
 Aapun Haate Ghor Bhangili
 Abhiyatri Duroir Yatri (Xur Baahini)
 Auto Ricksaw Cholau Ami Duyu Bhai(with Dr Bhupen Hazarika)
 Bohag Hoy Jodi (with Manisha Hazarika)
 Baraxaar Ritu Bhaal Pau Moi
 Bhoy Nai Bhoy Nai (Xur Baahini)
 Bhorir Toluwar Pora Jodi
 Chitralekhaa Chitralekhaa
 Chuchuk Chamak Koi (with Dr. Bhupen Hazarika)
 Dekha Nai Aaage Ene Chobi Dekha Nai
 Dhom Dhoma Dhom (with Nirmala Mishra)
 Dhumuhar Pakhiye
 Dur Xudur Bone' Bone'
 Duryug Lognor Dekhu Hahakaar (Xur Baahini)
 Ei Aakakh Bor Bixaal
 Ei Ghor Eri
 Ei Logonot Kolu (with Nirmala Mishra)
 Ei Pronoy
 Ei To Logon Aaji (with Nilima Khatun)
 Eitu Prahaar Xunya Prahaar (Xur Baahini)
 Ek Dui Tini
 Eku Naai Xunyo Haai (Xur Baahini)
 Eya Tu Nohoy Ohaar Xomoy
 Godhuli Aahil Tora Jilmil
 Ghuruni Botaahe Bichari Naapale
 Jiri Jiri Je Nijoraate Je
 Jibonor Logon
 Jibon Tu Jodi Abhinay Hoy (with Nirmala Mishra)
 Jibonot Aase (with Manisha Hazarika)
 Jodi Kahaaniba Xur Bur
 Kaar Raatir Prithibir
 Ketiyaabaa Bejaarote
 Kinu Leela Prabhu
 Krishna Churaa
 Luitor Boliyaa Baan
 Luitor Xutot Likha Robo Mur
 Maayaamoy Rupali Jonak
 Modhu Malati Tuponi Juwaa
 Mohila Mohila Koloinu Aahila (with Nirmala Mishra)
 Moi Ji Baatere
 Monor Baatori bur Phulor Papori hoi
 Monore Pokhiti Mur
 Mor Aaukhir Raati
 Mur Ei Naao Maatho Baai Jaao
 Mur Mon Baagh Jodi
 Mur Mon Chatokor
 Mur Minoti
 Mur Naam Anuruddha
 Mur Phagun Aachehi Aahi Roi
 Mure Du Chokule
 Mrityu Xaboti
 Natun Purush (with Dr. Bhupren Hazarika)
 Nibir Bone Je Maatise Ja
 Olop Hanhi Olop Oshru
 Phagun Kiyo Aahil (with Manisha Hazarika)
 Pitaaiti Oo Bhaal Korili
 Prati Aange Aange
 Premor Anya Naam
 Prithibikhon Aaji Hol Heten Jodi (Xur Baahini)
 Rambha Menaka
 Shillongore Monalisa (with Dr Bhupen Hazarika)
 Tomoxa O Nibir
 Tumaar Kothaa Jetiya Bhaabu
 Tumaar Morome Mur
 Xandhiya Aakakhor Ehaali Toraai
 Xaratare Tumi Jun Jen
 Xendur Xendur Phut Tiye
 Xomoy Gotixil
 Xopunot Xore Mou
 Xochake Kuwa Kothati Kuwa (with Nirmala Mishra)
 Xundari Sao Kinu Kolpona (with Arati Mukharjee)
 Xunwarani Kunwaliye
 Xurat Mogon Bhoyal Raati

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