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Head-Quater : Guwahati
Area : 127.84 Sq. Km.
HQ PIN Code : 781001
HQ STD Code : 0361
Official Website : www.kamrupmetro.nic.in
Kamrup Metropolitan District Map
Population : 12,60,419(2011 Census)
Male : 6,55,630
Female : 6,04,789
Sex Ratio : 922
Density : 2010 per sq. km

Kamrup Metropolitan is one of the 27 districts in Assam. It was created on 3 February 2003 by bifurcating the erstwhile Kamrup district. But the newly created district Kamrup Metro conducted its first election only during the 12th Assembly Election of Assam 2006. Administrative headquarters of Kamrup Metropolitan district is at Guwahati city. The district occupies an area of 127.84 sq.km. The district has a population of 12,60,419 (2011 census). The head quarter of the district is Guwahati. Once known as Pragjyotishpur (the light of the East), Guwahati derives its name from the Assamese words "Guwa" means areca nut and "Haat" means market. Guwahati has a magical aura that still lingers over the ever – expanding city. Guwahati has a magical aura that still lingers over the ever – expanding city. According to a legend, the demon king Narakasura is said to have built this ancient city. Another reason for Guwahati’s charm is it’s being the ancient 'Kamrup', the place where the part of the body of goddess Sati falls and which is also the birthplace of Kamdeva, the God of love. Pragjyotishpur also finds frequent mention in the Mahabharata and other Sanskrit epics and mythology.  The district once situated midway between two powerful kingdoms: the Ahoms and the Koch. Neither Mughals nor the Koch could maintain power at Guwahati however, and it is better known as the seat of the Borphukan, the civil and military authority of the region appointed by the Ahom King. Guwahati today is important because it is the seat of power in Assam, is a major commercial centre and is the node that connects six other North Eastern Indian States of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Tripura.


1) Aswaklanta : It is a small hill lying on the North bank of the Brahmaputra river. To the Hindus particularly for the vaisnavites, this place has a lot of religious importance and to the non beleivers it is a treasure of scenic beauty. It is associated with the mythical story of Srikrishna – Rukmini. The hill has two Vishnu temples known as Kurmayanardan and Anantasayi-Visnu. Ideally located on the bank of the river, it is linked by regular ferry services with the south bank. It can be reached by road across the Saraighat bridge.

2) Balaji Temple : It is located Lokhra near the National highway 37. This temple has been constructed in tune with South India temples. It is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, and is a holy place for the pilgrims from the north-east. The sanctums of Lord Ganesh, Lord Balaji and Goddess Durga can also be seen here. The architecture of this temple is unique, and takes after the South Indian temples. A park is attached to the temple.

3) Deepor Beel : A large natural wetland with an area of 4.14 sq.km., Deepor Bill is the State's first Bird Santuary. Varieties of local and migratory birds can be seen here to the great delight of visitors. The sanctuary's premises exude an aura of tranquility and the melodious twitters of birds are a welcome break that occasionally disturbs the quietude. The site for the Deepor Beel Bird Sanctuary is strategically located at a stone's throw distance from the bustling Guwahati city. The proximity to a major city makes the bird reserve easily accessible by rail, road and rail and thereby facilitates tourism.

4) Kamakhya Temple : It is located on the top Nilachal hill which is 160 metre high. This hill has a group of ancient temples, the most famous of them is the Kamakhya temple. This temple is considered as the greatest of all the saktipithas in India. Around this shrine small township of Kamakhya has sprung up. Kamakhya is known for its rare natural beauty and one can enjoy an areal view of the city of Guwahati and the mighty Brahmaputra flowing below. There are some other temples of various goddess can be seen in the complex. They are the Sitala Temple, the Lalita Kanta Temple, The jaya Durga Temple, the Vana Durga Temple, the Rajarajesvari Temple, the Smasanakali temple, the kail temple of Abhayananda dharmashala and the Sankhesvari temple. There are five temples of Lord Shiva in the Kamakhya complex. They belongs to different forms of Lord Shiva like Kamesvara (Umananda), Siddhesvara, Amratokesvara (Heruka), Aghpra, and kotilinga (Tatpurusa). Buses and cabs runs almost all the time right from the morning to the night. The kamakhya temple is about 20 km from the airport. It is about 6 km from the railway station. From the airport as well as from the railway station cars are easily available for rent. So, devotees can hire cars for a trip to kamakhya temple. There are two well maintained staircase from the bottom of the hill to the Kamakhya temple made up of stones is also there, which can also be used to climb to the Kamakhya temple.

5) Umananda Temple : Greater Guwahati contains three islands in the midst of the Brahmaputra known as Umananda (Peacock Island), Urvashi and Karmanasa, first one being the biggest. On the top of the Umananda island exist three temples Umananda, Chandrsekhar and Hargauri and contain rock-cut- sculptures and carvings. In 1694 A.D., the temple was constructed by Bar Phukan Garhganya Handique under orders from King Gadadhar Singh of the Tai-Ahom dynasty. The innumerous engravings and sculptures that adorn the rock walls of the temple are incomparable in beauty and depict the excellent craftsmanship of the local Assamese artisans. Practically, all the principal Hindu gods like Surya, Shiva, Ganesha and Devi has been engraved beautifully in the rock walls of the temple. Apart from this, sculptures of Lord Vishnu and his ten incarnations are also found in the vicinity of the temple.

6) Nabagraha : The temple of Navagrahas is situated in the south-eastern part of the Guwahati town on the crest of a hill known as "Citracala". The temple contains nine phallic emblems of Shiva covered with cloths of different colours sacred to the nine planetary gods, namely, Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Buddha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu. It is approachable by a pitched road. Worship of planets to ward off evil is prevalent here.

7) Gandhi Mandap : Gandhi-mandap is a memorial dedicated to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.It is located in the very heart of the city,right at the top of the Sarania Hillock.It was built in year 1969 and was opened to the public in 1970. It is approxm. 2km distance from base to the top of the hillock.

8) Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra : Is an unique cultural complex situated at Panjabari named after Srimanta Sankardeva the great unifier of Assam and the greatest integrator of the India Society in the fifteen century. Kalakshetra has Sahitya and Sangeet Natak Bhawan, Lalit Kala Bhavan, Heritage Park, Cultural Museum, Open Air Theatre and an Artist’s Village. It was formally inaugurated in Feb. 1999.

9) State Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden : Situated beside the R. G. Barua Road, this sprawling, well maintained zoo, replicated as far as possible the natural habitats of many of its animals. The Botanical gardens are a service of interest as its herbarium.

10) Guwahati Planetarium : It is a smaller version of the Birla Planetarium in Calcutta. It is open to visitors on payment to watch the different shows related to astronomy. Guwahati Planetarium is located on MG Road, in Guwahati, Assam. It is one of the finest and most sophisticated planetariums in India. It conducts various programs related to astronomy, meant to increase the awareness about astronomy and to stimulate interest in stargazing among children. The planetarium attracts domestic as well as foreign tourists.

11) Assam State Museum : Situated on the South of the Dighalipukhuri, this museum is the oldest institution of its kind in Northeast India. It is a multipurpose museum, but its sculptural assortment is the richest. Assam State Museum has a rich display of the culture of the state and is visited by travelers and tourists all round the year. It was established in 1940. Assam State Museum is open from 10:00 to 16:30 hrs on all days, except on Mondays and government holidays.

12) Museum of Veterinary Science : Started in 1967, the Museum of Veterinary Science is located in Guwahati, Assam. The museum exhibits various specimens relating to veterinary science. Informative lectures and film shows are conducted occasionally. The museum holds a library, which has a rich collection of books on veterinary and related subjects.

13) Navagraha Temple : Navagraha Temple is situated at Guwahati in Assam. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is worshipped here in the form of nine shivlings, representing the nine planetary gods of Hinduism. Each shivling is wrapped in a cloth having a specific color. Each of these colors symbolizes one of the nine planets. The temple was built by the erstwhile ruler of the region, King Rajesvar Singh in 1752.

14) Nilachal Hill : Nilachal Hill stands high at Guwahati, with a height of 562 ft above sea level. The famous Kamakhya Temple is situated on top of it. The name ‘Nilachal’ literally means 'blue mountain.' According to legends, Goddess Parvati angered with the disrespect shown by her father, King Daksha, towards her husband Lord Shiva burned herself to ashes. Lord Shiva overcome with grief wandered with his wife’s remains. Since Shiva is known for his destructive powers, three gods namely Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Sani entered the corpse of the goddess and disposed it in parts, in an attempt to save the world. The places were the pieces fell came to be regarded as sacred places for worshipping the goddess.

15) Basistha temple : Located in the south-east corner of Guwahati city is a Shiva mandir constructed by Ahom King Rajeswar Singha along with gift of land 835 Bighas for the ashram. The history of the Basistha Ashram where the temple is located dates back to the Vedic age. According to legend the ashram was founded by the great saint Basistha (Vasishtha). Temple in the ashram stands on the bank of the mountain streams originating from the hills of Meghalaya, which becomes the rivers Basistha and Bahini/Bharalu flowing through the city. This ashram is believed to be the home of famous sage Basistha, also known as "Vasishtha". The ashram is located a few kilometers (10-12) from Guwahati, on the outskirts of Garbhanga reserve forest which has an ample population of Elephants. This Garbhanga reserve forest is also a proposed Butterfly reserve. Although the ashram has a temple but still the cave in which the Muni Vasistha is believed to have meditated is located 5 K.m. inside the ashram. The ashram also has a Waterfall discovered by some of the local boys of Guwahati, who were trekking the hills surrounding this ashram.

16) Digholi Pukhuri : Situated at the heart of the city at Uzanbazar and surrounded by the High Court on the north and the State Museum and District Library on the south. This is a huge man made tank.It was excavated by the mighty king Bhagadatta to celebrated the 'sayambar' of his daughter Bhanumati who was married off to Kourava prince Druyadhana.There is boating club on the Dighali Pukhuri.

Guwahati Refinery : Guwahati Refinery, the first public sector refinery of the country, built with Romanian collaboration, was inaugurated by Late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, on 1st January 1962. The Refinery symbolizes the Nation’s march towards indigenisation of the refining technology. With a capacity of 1.0 million metric tonnes per annum, Guwahati Refinery processes crude oil received from the Upper Assam Oil Fields and caters to the requirements of the petroleum products of the North Eastern Region. Its major products are LPG, Motor Spirit (Petrol), Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), Kerosene, High Speed Diesel, Light Diesel Oil and Raw Petroleum Coke. Keeping pace with the changes in the industrial environment, Guwahati Refinery is making efforts to produce specialty products. It is the only refinery in India to produce green needle coke, a high value import substitute.

Nehru Stadium : Nehru Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Guwahati and managed by the Board of Sports, Government of Assam. It is used both for football/soccer and cricket matches. The stadium holds 25,000 people and was built in 1962. Located inside the R.G.Baruah sports complex, the Nehru stadium is the oldest stadium in the city. Other than international matches, the stadium also hosts domestic matches of the Ranji Trophy and other competitions. The Nehru Stadium acts as the home ground for the Assam state cricket team. The management of the stadium is in the hands of the Board of Sports, Government of Assam. The first ODI was held between India and West Indies on December 17, 1983. The stadium is yet to make itself noted at the international level as a high standard stadium.


1) Gauhati University : It was established by an act of the State Legislature, namely, the Gauhati University Act 1947 (Assam Act, XVI of 1947), of the Government of Assam in the year 1948. The University is funded by the University Grants Commission and the Government of Assam. Besides, various agencies of the Cetntral and State Government provide various grants and assistance for Research and other Academic activities. The University is in its 58th year existance, and is the oldest, largest, and the most premier seat of higher education in the entire North Eastern Region of India. The first Court meeting of the University was held on 26-1-48 at the old Sudmerson Hall of Cotton College, Guwahati. Accordingly the date '26 January' is observed as the Foundation Day of Gauhati University. Thanks to the relentless and untiring efforts of a band of dedicated workers like Gopinath Bordoloi (the first Chief Minister of Assam. He was awarded 'Bharat Ratna' posthumously), Madhab Bezbarua, Bhubaneswar Barua, Sarat Chandra Goswami, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (former President of India), and many others, and the help and co-operation of the people of Assam, the University could be eatablished in 1948. The University which started functioning from the city centre was shifted to the present campus in 1955-56.

Vice Chancellor: Dr. G.N. Talukdar Tel: 0361 2570412(O)2570408(R), Registrar: Dr. Madhab C. Sarma Tel: 0361 2570415(O)2674243(R)

2) Cotton College : With a heritage that goes back to more than a hundred years, Cotton College, the premier seat of higher learning in Northeast India, unequivocally occupies the pride of place among the institutions of its kind in the North-Eastern part of the country. Having contributed significantly to the academic and cultural life of the region the institution has not only withstood the test of time but has also carved a niche for itself in the sphere of higher education in the country. Contemporaneous with Murarichand College of Sylhet (now in Bangladesh) of the undivided India under the British rule, Cotton College came into existence on 27th May, 1901 through the untiring efforts of such magnanimous and illustrious sons of the soil like Late Manik Chandra Barooah and Rai Bahadur Bhuban Ram Das, backed by the unstinted support of the intelligentsia of the region of that time. However, had it not been for the unreserved support and concern of the then Chief Commissioner of the then Assam Province from 1896 to 1902, Sir Henry John Stedman Cotton, K.C.S.I., the institution would not have perhaps seen the light of day. While the time came, therefore, to express their sense of gratitude to the foremost popular ruler of the province, the people of 'Gauhati' decided to name the institution itself after him.

Phone :
+91-361-2540715 (Principal)
+91-361-2608839 (Vice-Principal)
+91-361-2510667 (Administrative Officer)
+91-361-2540715 (Fax)

3) Handique Girls College : One of the veritable nerve centres of women's education in north-eastern India, Handique Girls' College was established in 1939, a dream come true for the late Mrs. Rajabala Das, a pioneer in the field of women's education. The patronage and philanthropy of the late Radha Kanta Handique were also largely responsible for giving shape to the first institution for higher education for women, in the undivided state of Assam. Mrs. Rajabala Das also became the founder principal of the college. Imbued with the fervour of the nationalist struggle for freedom, Mrs. Das was intent in doing away with unjustified taboos and prejudices on the societal, familial and individual levels, pertaining to the womenfolk of Assam. Education appeared to her to be the only weapon to enable a woman to reveal her own identity and to partake of active public life. Mrs. Rajabala Das was herself one of the few fortunate women to have received higher education during the time, and she thus set about with an iron will to start a women's college in Gauhati. Beginning with just two students in the year of its inception, and housed in the premises of the Panbazar Girls' High School, the college was initially known as Gauhati Girls' College.            

Over the years, Handique Girls' College has burgeoned, from its nascent stage, to a centre of academic excellence, nurturing simultaneously academic and co-curricular endeavours. The college has proudly established itself as the foremost institution for women's education in north-east India, and it functions as a meeting point for students from the diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds of the region, and beyond. The present enrolment of the college is around 3300 students. The sixty-seven years of the college's existence have been filled with a brilliant record of academic performance in the examinations conducted by the Gauhati University and the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. Phone: (0361) 2543793 , 2602043

4) B.Borooah College : B. Borooah College was established in the year 1943 in the name of Bholanath Borooah, a doyen of Assamese business and a close asociate of Sahityarathi Lakshminath Bezbarua. It Grew Under The Shadow Of World War II and as a part of the nationalistic struggle against foreign rule. Classes started from 15 September 1943 AD with 15 students. Pioneering The Education In North East India it first started it as a night college in Today's Kamrup Academy of Guwahati to give an opportunity to the poor students. Great men led great academic past.. They include Bharat Ratna Gopinath Bardoloi, the first chief minister of Assam, Hem Barua, Surendra Mohan Das, Dr. Promod Ch. Barthakur, Dulal Ch. Barthakur, Prasanna Kumar Sarma

5) Lalit Chandra Bharali College :  Established on 9th August, 1971 and situated at easily accessible location, was started at the initiative of the neighborhood and the generous financial help of the donor after whom the College is named. It was established to cater to the needs of the students of the periphery areas of Guwahati in particular and the state as a whole. The college is situated at the Eastern boundary of the N.F Railway H.Q. and the foothills of the  Nilachal Hills- the abode of the Goddess Kamakhya. The site of the College with the beautiful Nilachal and Adinggiri Hills Which once served as the Western Gate of the mighty Ahoms, provide an ideal environment of peace and serenity for both teaching and learning. The College is situated hardly 3 K.M. away from Adabari Bus Stand, 5 K.M. from the Guwahati University, 7 K.M. from the Guwahati Railway Station and is easily approachable from all sides. Phone - 0361 - 2675259, 2570465

6) Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati : Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, the sixth member of the IIT fraternity, was established in 1994. The academic programme of IIT Guwahati commenced in 1995. At present the Institute has eleven departments and three inter-disciplinary academic centres covering all the major engineering, science and humanities disciplines, offering BTech, BDes, MA, MDes, MTech, MSc and PhD programmes. Within a short period of time, IIT Guwahati has been able to build up world class infrastructure for carrying out advanced research and has been equipped with state-of-the-art scientific and engineering instruments. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati's campus is on a sprawling 285 hectares plot of land on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra around 20 kms. from the heart of the city. With the majestic Brahmaputra on one side, and with hills and vast open spaces on others, the campus provides an ideal setting for learning. Director Prof. Gautam Barua, Phone : +91 - 361 - 2690401(O)

7) Assam Engineering College (A.E.C.) : Assam Engineering College was established in 1955, the first under graduate engineering college in North-Eastern India. It started with Civil Engineering, and within a few years other departments came into existence. Currently, it awards Bachelor's Degrees in eight different engineering disciplines and Master's Degrees in Computer Applications, Civil Engineering and Industrial and Production Engineering. There are Phd programs in Soil Mechanics & Hydraulics. It's annual festival called the "Pyrokinesis" attracts students from the entire region. With a well spread out lush green campus, AEC has been the hub centre of many intellectual and extracurricular activities in Assam for almost half a century. Principal :  Prof. N. N. Patwari, Phone : +91-94355-47379(M).

8) Gauhati Medical College and Hospital : Dr. John Berry White, MRCS, a British Surgeon of the East India Company, was the pioneer to start Health Education and health care in Assam. He established a medical school known as ‘Berry White Medical School’ at Dibrugarh, Assam in 1898-99. In course of time this medical school was upgraded and on 3rd Nov., 1947 the Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh was established and it stands as the first medical college in Assam. The Gauhati Medical College was inspected by Medical Council of India on every first examination of the first batch, that is, the first, second and final MBBS held in 1962, 1964 and 1965 respectively. There were inspections also by the Gauhati University, to which GMC is affiliated, in 1961, 1964 and 1968. Dr. C.S. Patel, President of the Medical Council of India inspected the GMC from 15th to 18th March, 1966. He was so impressed with the progress of the Institution and permitted to start Post Graduate courses in GMC. Principal Cum Chief Superintendant : Prof. M.M. Deka, MD, Phone : 0361-2134538/2132751(O)/0361-2486129 (R)

9) Assam Engineering Institute : It was established on January on January 16th in the year 1948. It is an important and premier institutions in Assam and North East providing 3 year degree Diploma courses. AEI Guwahati is located at a distance of about 3kms from the Guwahati Railway Station and 25kms from the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport at Borjhar. Phone : 0361-2550852,2653690

10) College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University : The College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara had its origin in the Assam Veterinary College established in l948 at Nagaon with a three year diploma course in the line of veterinary colleges elsewhere in the country. In 1958, the college was granted affiliation to Gauhati University and started the Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & A.H.) degree programme. The College was shifted to the premises of the Directorate of the Veterinary Science, Government of Assam at Chenikuthi, Guwahati in l950. Later in l960, the college was shifted to its present location at Khanapara, Guwahati. With the establishment of Assam Agricultural University on 1st April, 1969, the Assam Veterinary College along with its physical facilities and manpower was transferred to the university and was renamed as College of Veterinary Science under the Faculty of Veterinary Science. Presently, the college has 14 teaching departments with Post-graduate degree programmes. As per recommendation of Veterinary Council of India, few more departments are in the process of creation. The traditional system of education of the college was replaced by Trimester System in 1969, which was further replaced by semester system in 1977. In 1995 a new course curriculum prescribed by Veterinary Council of India was adopted. The college has celebrated its Golden Jubilee Year in 1998 and during its 50 years of existence the college has contributed immensely in the human resource development for not only the state of Assam but also for the entire North-eastern Region and the Country as a whole. Phone : 0361-2334990

11) Maharishi Vidya Mandir : Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools (MVM) have been established to introduce Maharishi Consciousness based Education System in mainstream of school education in India. 148 branches in 16 states with about 100,000 students and about 6,000 teaching and support staff have proven its importance in Indian society for last 15 years. Keeping in view the local requirement, schools are functional from KG to 12th standard. Over 80 branches are affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and rest are affiliated to respective state school education boards. MAHARISHI VIDYA MANDIR - VI BARSAJAI,LAL MATI, Guwahati-IV (Barsajai), Phone:0361-2304884, +91-9207031791


Guwahati is the gateway of North-Eastern India. The economy of Guwahati contributes largely to the economy of Assam. The chief economic activities of the region are trade and commerce and transportation and services. Guwahati is considered an important hub of entire north-eastern region. It is an important whole sale and retail zone of the country. The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre is one of the largest in the world and gradually with passing time mall culture is slowly growing in Guwahati. A small part of Guwahati`s economy also comes from manufacturing industries and an important manufacturing industry of the region is the petroleum refinery of IOCL. Lot of business is also generated from the print and electronic media of Guwahati and in the recent year's business related to finance and real estate have grown to a large extent. As a river port, Guwahati has traditionally been an important administrative and trading center. Separate income estimates for the city are not yet available as city-level income estimation is not a traditional practice in India, and is not practiced in a systematic and continual manner. However, by looking at the agglomeration of activities and employment patterns it can be easily understandable that the city contributes a lion's share of the state's income.


1) Allahabad Bank, H. B. ROAD, OPP. OF ASTC BUS STAND MACHKHOWA, Phone: 0361-2631989/2545218
2) Allahabad Bank, JAWAHAR NAGAR, HEMLATA MARKET, BASHITHA CHARALI, Phone: 0361-2302869
3) Allahabad Bank, C. K. ROAD ,RANIBARI , PANBAZAR, Phone: 0361-2547137
4) Allahabad Bank, LAKHTOKIA, Phone: 0361-2543229
5) Allahabad Bank, KAILASH BHAWAN, FANCY BAZAR SRCB ROAD, Phone: 0361-2512793
6) Andhra Bank, INFRONT OF POLICE RESERVE, Phone : 0361-2540842/2547909
7) Andhra Bank, 1ST FLOOR, HARI HAR ENCLAVE, CHRISTIAN BASTI-GS ROAD, Phone : 0361-2343849
8) Axis Bank, CHIBBER HOUSE, G S ROAD, Phone : 0361-2340522
9) Axis Bank, COMMERCIAL BUILDING, A T ROAD, Phone : 0361-273 4035/ 37/ 38
10)Axis Bank, FANCY BAZAR, SS ROAD, Phone : 0361-273 0209/ 11
11)Axis Bank, MEGHA PLAZA, BASISTHA CHARIALI BELTOLA, Phone : 0361- 2306221/ 25/ 28/ 29/ 30
12)Bank Of Baroda (BOB), A T ROAD, PALTAN BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2540477,2633964
13)Bank Of Baroda (BOB), BELTOLA TINIALI, Phone : 0361-2234285
14)Bank Of Baroda (BOB), INDIAN AIRLINES COMPLEX,GANESHGURI CHARIALI, Phone 0361-2224623,2220992
15)Bank Of Baroda (BOB), S.R.C.B.ROAD,FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2540476,2549946
16)Bank Of Baroda (BOB), G.S.ROAD, TARANIS BLDG, LACHIT NAGAR, ULUBARI, Phone :    0361-2466087
17)Bank Of India (BOI), HEM BARUA ROAD, P.B.NO.-119, KAMARPATTY, Phone: 0361-2540480,2544182
18)Bank Of Maharashtra (BOM), DC COMPLEX, SS ROAD, LOKHTOKIA
19)Canara Bank, FANCY BAZAR(MAIN), 14A HEM BARUA ROAD, OPP TAXI STAND, FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361 - 2540495
20)Canara Bank, IST FLOOR, H 274 WARD 34, GANESHOURICHARALI, GS ROAD, Phone : 0361 2262147
21)Canara Bank, G B DAS BUILDING, DANISH ROAD, LAKHTOKIA, Phone : 0361-2632428
22)Canara Bank, SHIVAM MARKET, BINOVANAGAR, KAHILIPARA, Phone : 0361-2471738
24)Central Bank Of India, RAHMAN MANZIL, IST FLOOR, PAN BAZAR, Phone : (0361) 2540483,2605450
25)Central Bank Of India, BABI MARKET, 1ST FLOOR, G.S. ROAD, GANESHGURI CHARIALI, Phone : (0361) 2204456, 2203015
26)Central Bank Of India, BABUBAZAR BUILDING, FANCY BAZAR, S.S. ROAD, Phone: (0361) 2592787
27)Corporation Bank (CorpBank), 21 M. L NEHRU ROAD, CAPS BR
28)Dena Bank, OPP MEDICAL COLLEGE, PAN BAZAR,Phone : 0361-2548343/2636357
29)HDFC Bank, G S ROAD, BHANGAGARH, Phone : 0361 2461074
30)HDFC Bank, MISHRA COMPLEX, JAIL ROAD, FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361 2732670
31)HDFC Bank, HOTEL ALANKAR COMPLEX , MRD ROAD , CHANDMARI , Phone : 0631-2131158/0631-2131183,
32)ICICI Bank, OHIO SHOPPING COMPLEX, FANCY BAZAR, M.G.ROAD, Phone : 0361-2733137, 9954449045
35)Indian Bank (IB), Beltola Tiniali, phone : 0361-2265232
36)Indian Bank (IB), S.S.ROAD, LAKHTOKIA, Phone : 0361-2540529/2548805
37)Indian Bank (IB), Sikaria Compound, G S Road, Phone : 0361 2343005
38)Indian Bank (IB), IST FLOOR, Seujee Enclave, G N B Road, Chandmari Traffic Point, Phone : 0361 2665710
39)Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), MOTILAL NEHRU ROAD, PAN BAZAAR, Phone : (0361) 2542906/2600006
40)Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), PENSIONERS BHAVAN, OLD UNIVERSITY COLONY, CHANDMARI, Phone: (0361) 2662788
41)Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), NORTH EAST FRONTIER RAILWAY HEAD QUARTERS, MALIGAON, Phone: (0361) 2571727
42)Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), IST Floor, Sood Villa, Guwahati Shillong Road, DISPUR, Phone: (0361) 2340920
43)IndusInd Bank, G. S. ROAD, BHANGAGARH, Phone : 0361-2452864 / 65 / 68 /2452867
45)Oriental Bank Of Commerce (OBC), COL. J. ALI ROAD, LAKHOTIA, Phone : 0361-2544713
46)Oriental Bank Of Commerce (OBC), HEM BARUA ROAD, PAN BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2606555
47)Punjab National Bank (PNB), H.B.ROAD, NEAR SANI MANDIR, FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2542453
48)Punjab National Bank (PNB), ZOO ROAD, Phone : 0361-2201393
49)Punjab National Bank (PNB), S.R.C.B.ROAD, FANCY BAZAR, CHARU MARKET, Phone : 0361-2540487
50)Punjab National Bank (PNB), P.N.G.B.ROAD, MALIGAON CHARALI, phone : +91-94350-62596
51)State Bank Of India (SBI), JESOWANTA ROAD, PANBAZAR, Phone : 0361-2548839/2734254
52)State Bank Of India (SBI), BAMUNIMAIDAM, Phone : 0361-600436/7
53)State Bank Of India (SBI), N.F. RLY.COMPLEX, MALIGAON, Phone : 0361-2673710,2672430
54)State Bank Of India (SBI), G.S.ROAD, GUWAHATI, Phone : 0361-2524528
55)State Bank Of India (SBI), A T ROAD, Phone : 0361-2547550/2607892
56)State Bank Of India (SBI), SRCB ROAD, BULBUL MARKET, FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2545736/2547210 57)State Bank Of India (SBI), GUWAHATI REFINERY COMPLEX, Phone : 0361-2551675
58)State Bank Of India (SBI), A.T.ROAD, BHARALUMUKH, Phone : 0361-2518787/2607510/2518787
59)State Bank Of India (SBI), GITANAGAR, ZOO-NARANGI ROAD, Phone : 0361-2417741
60)State Bank Of India (SBI), GUWAHATI MEDICAL COLLEGE, STATFED BUILDING, BHANGAGARH, Phone : 0361-2529387/2461310
61)State Bank Of India (SBI), GUWAHATI AIRPORT, BORJHAR, Phone : 0361-2842440
62)State Bank Of India (SBI), NARENGI, UDAYAN BIHAR, Phone : 0361-2642337/2643057/2643057
63)State Bank Of India (SBI), GUWAHATI UNIVERSITY, Phone : 0361-2570510/2673823/2570510
64)State Bank Of India (SBI), SILPUKHURI EVENING BRANCH, SILPUKHURI, Phone : 0361-2664122/2666002
65)State Bank Of India (SBI), NOONMATI, Phone : 0361-2550688 IP - 750176
66)State Bank Of India (SBI), AMERIGOG CRPF CAMPUS, NAMILE, Phone : 0361-2896565/2897032
67)Syndicate Bank, MOTILAL NEHRU ROAD, PAN BAZAR, Phone: (0361) - 2540493/2606272/2540493
68)Bank Of Rajasthan (BOR), 1ST FLOOR, LAXMI NIWAS, M.S.ROAD, FANCY BAZAR, Phone: 0361-2731949, +91-98640-47312
69)Federal Bank, ANNAPURNA PLAZA, 1ST FLOOR, S.S.ROAD, FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2544082
70)Federal Bank, DEKA PREMISES, CHRISTIAN BASTI, G S ROAD,Phone : 0361 – 2343841/2343842
71)UCO Bank, FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2540515
72)UCO Bank, SILPUKHRI, Phone : 0361-2660518
73)UCO Bank, DR.R.P.ROAD, DISPUR, Phone : 0361-2261365
74)Union Bank Of India (UBI), KAMRUP CHAMBER ROAD, FANCY BAZAR, Phone: 0361 - 2544727/2544738
75)Union Bank Of India (UBI), TAHBILDAR BUILDING, BASISTHA ROAD, BELTOLA, Phone: 0361 - 2302574 / 2303598
76)Union Bank Of India (UBI), SATIJOYMATI ROAD, HANUMAN TOWER,1ST FLOOR, ATHGAON, Phone : 0361 - 2739184
77)United Bank Of India (UBI),    S S ROAD, OPP. HOTEL DYNESTY, LAKHTOKIA, Phone : (0361) 2522897
78)Vijaya Bank,    HOTEL SIDDARTHA BLDG, H B ROAD, FANCY BAZAR, Phone : 0361-2541124

Photos of Kamrup Metropolitan
Dense forest of amchang wildlife sanctuary
Dense forest of...
Department of Environment & Forests cottages in amchang wildlife sanctuary
Department of E...
Private resorts cottages in amchang in amchang wildlife sanctuary
Private resorts...
Umananda Temple in Guwahati
Umananda Temple...
Umananda Temple in Guwahati
Umananda Temple...
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Bezera Dev. Block, Chandrapur Dev. Block, Dimoria Dev. Block, Rani Dev. Block


1) JALUKBARI - Himanta Biswa Sarma (BJP )
2) DISPUR - Atul Bora (BJP
3) GAUHATI EAST -Siddhartha Bhattacharya (BJP )
4) GAUHATI WEST - Ramendra Narayan Kalita (AGP )


1) Guwahati Medical College Hospital, Phone: 0361-2529457, +91-9864064602
2) Down Town Hospitals, Phone: 0361-2336911,2336906,2331003,+91-9864015049
3) International Hospitals, Lotus Tower, G.S. Road, Phone: 0361-2347700/2347701/2347703,+91-9435048642
4) G.N.R.C. Hospitals, Phone: +91-9401194011
5) Army Base Hospital, Basistha, Phone: +91-9859984056
6) Central Railway Hospital, Maligaon, Phone: 0361-2570492,
7) Adlab Diagnostics & Research Centre, Opp. St. Marry s School, M.C Road, Phone : 0361-2664801/2664895
8) Arya Hospitals, A.M.Road, Opp Apsara Cinema Hall, Rehabari, Phone : 0361-260665/2606888
9) Dharanidhar Memorial Institute of Medical Science & Research (DIMS), 2no Mathgharia, B.G.Tiniali, Zoo Narangi Road, Phone : 0361-2656957/2656546
10)Guwahati Neuro Research Centre Ltd, Near Dispur Super Market, Phone : 0361-2227700/2227701 , 2227703 Fax: 22227711
11) Nemcare Hospital, G.S Road, Bhangagarh, Phone : 0361-2455906/2528587/2457344
12) Pulse Diagnostics, G.S Road, Bhangagarh, Near Satsang Vihar, Phone : 0361-2452717/2452718
13) The Apollo Clinic, Kanchan Road, Phone : 0361-2461473
14) Marowari Maternity Hospital, Phone : 0361-2541201/2541202
15) Marowari Hospital & Research Centre, Phone : 0361-2602738/2602739
16) Sankar Madhab Hospital, Panikhety, Phone : 0361-2643188/2643189
17) Sri Sankardeva Nethralaya, 96, Basistha Road, Phone : 0361-2233444/2228879
18) Good Health Hospital, G. S. Rd., Dispur, Phone: 0361 - 2268230/2263407
19) Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital, Panbazar, Phone : 0361 - 2541477
20) Dr Kalicharan Das Nursing Home and Polyclinic, Kalapahar, Gopinathnagar


Name Of the S.P. - Shri Mukesh Agrawal,IPS

1) Senior Superintendent of Police(City), Phone : 0361-2540278,+91-94350-90995
2) Superintendent of Police, (Traffic), Phone : 0361-2731847,+91-98597-55755
3)Superintendent of Police, (CTS), Phone : +91-94353-43454
4)Addl. SP (HQ), Phone : 0361-2540118,+91-94350-48555
5)Addl. SP (City), Phone : 0361-2631111,+91-94350-88299
6)Addl. SP (DSB), Phone : 0361-2543458,+91-94350-45554
7)Addl. SP (S), Phone : 0361-2546717,+91-94350-49565
8)Addl. SP (Traffic), Phone : 0361-2545598,+91-94350-28077
9)Addl. SP (S) Dispur Capital, Phone : 0361-2237373,+91-94350-26484
10) DSP (HQ), Phone : 0361-2546717
11) DSP, Dispur Div., Phone : 0361-2268301
12) DSP, Chandmari Div, Phone : 0361-2666381
13) DSP, Pandu Div, Phone : 0361-2570640
14) DSP, Panbazar Div, Phone : 0361-2601393
15) DSP (Reserve), Phone : 0361-2736189
16) DSP( DSB), Phone : 0361-2543458
17) DSP (Traffic), Phone : 0361-2545598

Police Reserve, Phone : 0361-2736191
OC, Panbazar Police Station, Phone : 0361-2540106
OC, Bharal;umukh Police Station, Phone : 0361-2731199
OC, Jalukbari Police Station, Phone : 0361-2570522
OC, Azara Police Station, Phone : 0361-2840287
OC, Paltan Bazar Police Station, Phone : 0361-2540126
OC, Dispur Police Station, Phone : 0361-2261510
OC, Bhangagarh Police Station, Phone : 0361-2528417
OC, Basistha Police Station, Phone : 0361-2302158
OC, Hatigaon Police Station, Phone : 0361-2231060
OC, Fatasil Ambari Police Station, Phone : 0361-2471412
OC, Latasil Police Station, Phone : 0361-2540136
OC, Chandmari Police Station, Phone : 0361-2660204
OC, Geetanagar Police Station, Phone : 0361-2417323
OC, Noonmati Police Station, Phone : 0361-2550281
OC, Khetri Police Station, Phone : 0361-2787220
OC, North GuwahatiPolice Station, Phone : 0361-2690255
OC, Pragjyotishpur Police Station, Phone : 0361-2785237
OC, Gorchuk Police Station, Phone : 0361-2270151
OC, Sonapur Police Station, Phone : 0361-2786326
OC, Satgaon Police Station, Phone : 0361-2642018
OC, All Women Police Station, Phone : 0361-2519627


1) Anuradha Cinema : Anuradha Cinema, Guwahati is one of the well known movie theatres in Guwahati. Anuradha Cinema, Guwahati is located in Chandmari, Guwahati. Anuradha Cinema, Guwahati generally screens Assamese and Hindi cinemas. Viewers can opt to see movies from a 4 back to back shows. The shows begin late in the morning and continue till late in the evening. Phone : 0361-2550374

2) APSARA CINEMA HALLS, GS Road, Manipuribasti, Phone: 0361-2656968


4) Choudhry Cinema : Choudhry Cinema, Guwahati is located in the Athgaon area of Guwahati. Common folks visit the movie theater to watch their favorite movies. Choudhry Cinema, Guwahati is spacious and well maintained. Phone : 0361-2512822

5) CINEMAX, Dona Planet, GS. Road, Phone: 0361-2452383

6) Fun Cinemas, Fourth Floor, Hub Shopping Mall, Bhangagarh, Phone : +91-9864800100/ +91-9864800200

7) GOLD CINEMA 2 SCREEN, Fancybazar

8) GOLD CINEMA, Paltan Bazaar

9) KELVIN, Tokobari, Phone: 0361-2544724

10) MAYURKRISHNA CINEMA, Fatasil ambari, Phone : 0361-2471557

11) MEGHDOOT PICTURE PALACE, Paltanbazar, Phone : 0361-2543595

12) PRAGIYOTISH CINEMA, Maligaon, Phone: 0361-2570777

13) RUPASREE CINEMA, AT Road, Phone : 0361-2514879

14) URVASI CINEMA, Fancybazar, Phone: 0361-2543073/2543640

15) VANDANA CINEMA, Noonmati, Phone : 0361-2550621/2550537


The city is well connected by rail,as there are many trains to and from Guwahati including super fast trains like Rajdhani. The Paltan Bazaar Railway Station in Guwahati is a major railway junction on the North-East Frontier Railway.


The Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, the largest in the region linking to major cities in India is 25 KM away at Borjhar. Regular flights to and from Guwahati are operated by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Kingfisher, Deccan Air,Indigo and Spice Jet. helicopter services are also available between Guwahati and Shillong, Guwahati and Itanagar(Arunachal Pradesh) and Guwahati and Tawang(Arunachal Pradesh). International travelers can connect to Guwahati through Kolkata and Delhi.


1) Deputy Commissioner, 2540149/2540104,+91-94350-49546
2) Police Control Room, 2461556/2464557/2464297
3) Police Reserve, 2736191
4) Fire Station, Dispur, 2260221
5) Fire Station, Chandmari, 2550489
6) Fire Station, Pandu, 2674817
7) Fire Station, Santipur, 2637680
8) Fire Station, Panbazar, 2540222
9) Blood Bank, GMCH, 2529457
10)Electricity Complain, Dispur, 2261675
11)Electricity Complain, Ulubari, 2526155/2523516
12)Electricity Complain, Paltan Bazar, 2540109
13)Electricity Complain, Fancy Bazar, 2601722
14)Electricity Complain, Jalukbari, 2570460
15)Circuit House, 2540356
16)Assam State Transport Corporation, (ISBT), +91-9864054554,9854440694,9954484927
17)Assam State Transport Corporation, Paltanbazar, +91-9207041761,9706164265,9957563033
18)Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok, Mahatma Gandhi Road, 2602284
19)Hotel Nandan, 2540855
20)Ginger Hotel Guwahati, 6113333
21)Hotel Nandan, 2540855
22)Hotel Millennium, +91-9899933551
23)Grand Eastern HolidayS, Bharalumukh, +91-9954709412
24)Hotel Nova, S.S. Road, Fancy Bazar, (Opposite Sikh Temple), 2511464
25)Hotel Rajmahal, A.T. Road, Paltan Bazar, 2549141
26)Ambarish Grand Residency Hotel, M Shah Rd, Paltan Bazaar, 2605701
27)Ambarish Hotel, Ganeshguri, 2344526
28)Pizza Hut, Dona Planet, 2467000
29)Network Travels, 2520719/2512700/2512711
30)Royal India Tours And Travels, 25152025


781001 Ambari
781001 Guwahati HO
781002 Guwahati Railway Station
781003 Guwahati Club
781004 Kharguli Area
781005 Dispur
781006 Assam Sahibalaya
781007 Ulubari
781008 Rehabari
781009 Bharalumukh
781010 Kamakhya Temple
781011 Maligaon
781012 Pandu
781013 Assam Engineering College and APRO area of Jhalukbari
781014 Jalukbari
781015 Borjhar Airport to Kahikuchi Farm
781016 Gopinath Nagar
781017 Azara
781018 Binova Nagar
781019 Kahilipara
781020 Noonmati
781021 Bamunimaidan part of Chandmari
781022 Khanapara
781023 Hamergur
781024 R.G.Baruah Road from Ganeshguri to Narengi Tinali
781025 Fatasil Ambari
781026 Part of Narangi ,Bonda
781027 Sathgaon
781028 Beltola
781029 Rupnagar Srimantapur
781030 North Guwahati
781031 Amingaon
781032 Narkasur (GMC College & Hospital Area)
781034 Hengrabhari

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