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Head-Quater : Nalbari
Area : 2257 sq.km
HQ PIN Code : 781335
HQ STD Code : 03624
Official Website : www.nalbari.nic.in
Nalbari District Map
Population : 7,69,919(2011 Census)
Male : 3,95,804
Female : 3,74,115
Sex Ratio : 945
Density : 763 per sq. km

Nalbari is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. The district headquarters are located at Nalbari. The district occupies an area of 2257 sq.km and has a population of 7,69,919 (as of 2011). Nalbari District is situated in between Kamrup and Barpeta District. For better administration, old Kamrup District has been divided into three Districts. Nalbari was declared a sub division of undivided Kamrup District in 1967. Rajendra Mohan Goswami, ACS was first Sub Divisional Officer in Nalbari. Nalbari Sub Division is formally declared as a District in 14th August,1985.Shri V.K. Pipersenia, IAS, was first Deputy Commissioner in Nalbari.    

The tributaries of the Brahmaputra, Nona, Buradia, Pagaldia, Borolia and Tihu which are originated from the foothills of the Himalayan Range are wild in nature and have enormous contribution towards the agrarian economy of the district. The northern side of the district is bounded by the Indo-Bhutan International boundary and the southern side by the mighty Brahmaputra. The Darrang and the Kamrup District are located in the east and the Barpeta District is in the west.This district is known in whole Assam due to its excellent academic performance in 10th exam.Almost in every year this districts tops the list.This district has tremendous potential to transform into one of the major district of Assam but due to various unavoidable factors its not happening till now.This district has only 3 tea gardens which is really a very small figure when we compare with other districts of upper assam.

The District has a sub-tropical climate with semi – dry hot summer and cold winter. During summer, generally during the months from May to August, heavy rainfall occurs for which the district experiences flood. The District experiences annual (average) rainfall and humidity @ 1500 mm and @ 80 % respectively.


Hari Mandir : Built in 1965 on land donated by Rambahadur Pratap Narayan Choudhury, The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. In 1968 the Puaj Mandab was built with financial help from Lt. Damahuram Mahajan. The new Math was constructed from 1976 to 1985. The temple is unique throughout Assam because of the annual Ras festivel celebrated here in the month of November since 1946 with much pomp and grandeur; the festival, of course, being held much earlier from 1933 elsewhere.

Billeswar Temple : Believed  to have been built 500 years ago, is dedicated mostly to Lord Krishna are also worshipped. As the legend goes, a priest once had a cow who refused to be milked. Upon following the cow, the priest found that the cow gave milk on a bush of "virina" (type of grass). When the king came to know about it he got the place dug and found a Shiva Kinga on that spot. A temple was built which was first called Birreswar or God or Virina, then Billeswar and now Belsor. Nowadays Belsor is a developed village  with easy accessibility to Nalbari, the district headquarter.

Buddhist Temple : Situated at around 30 Kms from Nalbari, the Buddhist Temple was established almost 60 years ago by Nepali people. Every year, a great mela is held on Buddha Jayanti

Shripur Dewalay Mandir : This temple is said to have been built by Ahom King, Sib Singha (1718-1744) and as legend foes, part of body of sati or Parvati fell here. The annual Durga Puja and Kali Puja is celebrated with pompt grandeur by the Assamese and the Tribals.

Basudeb Devalay : This temple built by Ahom King Sib Singha (1718-1744). The local folklore says that once a fisherman was fishing in Jaymangal Beel and for seven days he could not remove the fishing net. On the seventh day, a local fourth Gada Kahar had a dream in which Lord Basudeb appeared and asked him to be released from the fishing net. Upon reaching the beel, Gada found two large stones in the fishing net. When Sib Singha heard this story he came to Balikoria and tried to take away the stones but failed and so he built a temple there.

Ganga Pukhuri, Sonkuriha : This pond is situated in Vill Barkuriha of Upper Barbhag about 7(seven) kms south of  Nalbari.  It is said to had been dug by Gangadhar, a Brahmin. Each year, at Ashok Astami a mela is held here and devotees throng here from different parts of the country to pay homages to departed souls. The name of King Fengua, is associated with this tanks whose capital Subarna Koriwa or SonKuriha was nearby.

Mahmara Pukhuri, Chandkuchi : Another pond dug by the Ahoms. It was said to have been constructed with the sacrifice of a buffalo to remove the problem of water scarcity in the area and hence the name Mahmara Pukhuri.

Gohain Kamal Ali : The Gohain Kamal Ali, Which runs from Koch Bihar to North Lakhimpur was built during the reign of the Koch King, Naranarayan by his brother Gohai Kamal or Kamal Narayan in 1568 A.D.A marvel in engineering, parts of the road is still seen on border of Paschim Banbhag and Baska Mouza.

Nalbari Rash  Festval : Raax festival is celebrated in Nalbari with much pomp and grandeur during November. Not only has the festival become a  part and parcel of Nalbari, it has got intertwined with its socio cultural life. In fact, this celebration is associated with the Raax Leela of Lord Krishna with his 'Gopis'. It is said that the bewitching autumn moon accompanied by gentle breeze wafting through made Lord Krishna pick up his flute. The captivating music that deftly flowed from his flute made the 'Gopis' leave their household chores and join Him in 'Raax Leela'. This festival finds mention in ancient scriptural like Shri Bhagawad Puran, Vishnu Puran and later on in Srimanta Sankarceva’s  at Adi Dasam, Kirtan and plays like Keligopal. Raax signifies the ultimate devotion and love of the gopis towards Lord Krishna who to them is the epitome of Love on spiritual parameter. It is the celebration of total surrender to the Lord, oblivious of the world around and of his varied roles. In Nalbari Raax festival is celebrated in the premises of Hari Mandir in the heart of the town. The festival has a big mela, along with local mobile theater performing, giving a festive atmosphere throughout the town with people even from other parts of the state flocking to see it. Comparable to the Ganpati festival of Mumbai, Dussehera of Mysore, this Raax festival is the unifying thread of otherwise heterogeneous society as people forget the barriers of caste and creed, and get immersed in the spirit of the festival.


The entire area of the District is situated at the plans of the Brahmaputra Valley. The tributaries of the Brahmaputra, Nona, Buradia, Pagaldia, Borolia and Tihu which are originated from the foothills of the Himalayan Range are wild in nature and have enormous contribution towards the agrarian economy of the district. Nalbari District has several small scale industries. Besides, agriculture, there are various sectors that contribute to the economy of Nalbari District such as fisheries, animal husbandry, sericulture and handicraft industries.


Nalbari District is famous for Sanskrit education. Nalbari is known as `Nabadeep` of Assam because it has various Sanskrit education centres. The first Middle School was established in Nalbari in the year 1887. In 1917 it was formally declared as Nalbari High School. Later on this school was named as 'Nalbari Gordon High School'. With the passage of time, different schools and colleges were established at Nalbari District. Literacy percentage of Nalbari District is around 55.99 percent.

1) Nalbari College : Nalbari College was established in the year 1945 and was affiliated to the Calcutta University. After the establishment of the Gauhati University in 1948 it came under this University. It is one of the oldest and largest colleges in Assam. It was the only college for higher education in the whole area from Mangaldai to Bongaigaon. Beginning with a modest scale with only 28 students, the college today has student strength of about three thousand with Higher Secondary courses in both Arts & Science, T.D.C. Arts & Science courses with major in all subjects except Statistics and P.G. course in Assamese. The college is run under deficit system of grants under State Govt. and with regular grants from U.G.C., Phone : 03624-20241

2) Nalbari Commerce College : Nalbari Commerce College, Nalbari, Assam is the only commerce college in Nalbari district of Assam. It is a premier co-educational institution of higher education in commerce in Nalbari region. The college was established in the year of 1979. It is affiliated to Gauhati University, Guwahati. Phone : 03624 220969

3) Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Mahavidyalaya : Mahendra Narayan Choudhury Balika Mahavidyalaya is located in Nalbari, Assam. It is a premier institution of higher education for girls in the region. The College was accredited B ++ (institutional score 82.75%) by National Assessment and Accreditation Council. The College affiliated to Gauhati University, Assam. Phone : 03624-2205670

4) Nalbari Sanskrit College, Nalbari


1) Central Bank Of India, NALBARI TOWN, Phone : (03624) 222353
2) Central Bank Of India, LAHKARPARA
3) Central Bank Of India, VILL. & P.O. MUKALMUA, NALBARI MUKALMUA ROAD, Phone : (03624) 286512
4) Central Bank Of India, GHOGRAPAR (DOTORA), BHUTAN ROAD, GHOGRAPAR, Phone : (03624) 235555
5) Central Bank Of India, BELSOR, Phone : (03624) 285056
6) Punjab National Bank (PNB), AMAYAPUR YAGYA DHAM, Phone : 03624-224403
7) Punjab National Bank (PNB),    Phone : +91-9435138442
8) State Bank Of India (SBI), HAJO RD.
9) State Bank Of India (SBI), NALBARI BAZAR, Phone : +91-9435736633, 03624-224971
10)Union Bank Of India (UBI), LAXMINATH BEZBARUAH ROAD, Phone: 03624 - 220366
11)UCO Bank    NALBARI, Phone : 03624 - 220349
12)United Bank Of India (UBI), ROY BARUA COMPLEX, 1 ST FLOOR, INDU EYE CARE CENTRE, COLLEGE ROAD, Phone : (03624)224339


Nalbari,Tihu,Barama,Chamota,Belsor,Ghagrapar,Chaandkuchi,Mukalmua,Dhamdhama, Marowa, Pakowa, Bagarihati, Narddi, Banekuchi


Nalbari, Paschim Nalbari, Borigog Banbhag, Barbhag, Barkhetri, Tihu, Barama(Part), Banekuchi


1) Tamulpur - Emmanuel Mosahary (BPF )
2) Nalbari - Ashok Sarma (BJP )
3) Barkhetry - >Narayan Deka (BJP )
4) Dharmapur - Chandra Mohan Patowary (BJP )
5) Barama - Maneswar Brahma (BPF )
6) Chapaguri - Thaneswar Basumatary (BPF )


1) Nalbari Civil Hospital, Dr. B. Dutta, Mobile: +91-9435028354
2) United Hospital & Research Centre, Nalbari Circuit House Road, Dr. B C Talukdar - Managing Director, Phone : (03624)-224288/220571
3) Swahid Mukunda kakati Hospital, Phone : (03624)-220291
4) Mukalmua PHC, Phone +91-94350-11808
5) Kamarkuchi PHC, Phone +91-94350-28640
6) Ghograpar PHC, Phone +91-94351-17316
7) Barama PHC, Phone +91-94351- 90688
8) Chamata PHC, Phone +91-98641-13937
9) TihuCHC, Phone +91-94352-88583
10)Barnardi CHC, Phone +91-94350-28393
11)Kakaya CHC, Phone +91-98643- 54476
12)Kalag CHC, Phone +91-94351-29494
13)Dr. N.N. buzarbaruah Nursing Home
14)Medicare Home & Medilad Diagnostic Centre
15)Phuleswari Clinic & Allied lab. Pragati Nursing Home
16)Nalbari Maternity Hospital
17)Nalbari Eye Hospital
18)United Hospital & Research Centre


Name of the S. P .B.M. Rajkhowa, APS
Phone : (03624) 220466(O)/220324(R)
Fax : (03624) 222031
Mob : 94350-36840

Addl. S.P. (HQ) (03624) 220457 (O), 220458 (R)
Addl. S.P. (S) (03624) 222029 (O)
Dy. S.P. (HQ) (03624) 220545 (O), 220545 (R)
Dy. S.P. (DSB) (03624) 220316 (O), 222030 (R)

Name of the Police Station

1. Nalbari (03624) 220445
2. Belsor (03624) 285047
3. Mukalmua (03624) 286440
4. Ghograpar (03624) 235515
5. Tihu (03624) 281360
6. Bhangnamari (R/PS)
7. Sialmari Char (R/PS)

Name of the Out Post

1. Dhomdhoma (03624) 233187
2. Daulasal -
3. Kamarkuchi (03624) 23466
4. Salmara -
5. Borkajuli -
6. Singrimari -


Road links to Nalbari is through National Highway 31 and Broadgauge Line. Nalbari town is 2 Km away from the National Highway 31. Nearest Railway Junction is Rangia. Nalbari Town is 60 Km away from Guwahati Bus Stand.


From Paltan Bazar Railway Station avail any Train and get down in Nalbari Railway Station. Major Trains are Kamrup Express ( Starts at 7 am ), Brahmaputra Mail( Starts at 12-30 am), Inter-city Bangaigaon Express (Starts at 5-15 pm ) Chifung Mail (Starts at 3-15 pm ) . Train takes maximum 2 hours to reach Nalbari.


Nalbari doesn't have its own airport, Nearest airport is L.G.B. Airport, Borjhar Guwahati. One can avail a taxi to Adabari Bus Stand from there take any Nalbari Bounded Bus.


1) Deputy Commissioner, 03624-220218/220496
2) Police Control Room, 03624-220440
3) Fire Brigade (Control No.), (03624) 220222
4) Louit Jyoti (Weekly Newspaper), (03624)-220569
5) Amar Nalbari.(Weekly Newspaper), (03624)-220500
6) Hotel Premoda, 03624)-220588
7) Hotel Gayatri, (03624)- 220543
8) Hotel Bardoishila, (03624)-220973
9) Rajyoga Education Centre, (03624)-220845
10)Anandapuram Yoga Institute, (03624)-221020


Ahopa 781373
Allia 781369
Amani 781306
Amingaon Chowk 781348
Angardhowa 781344
Angarkata 781360
Arangmow 781347
Arara 781334
Arikuchi 781339
Assam Syntex 781355
Athgharia 781347
Baganpara 781344
Bagrihati 781310
Bagulamari 781344
Bakuajari 781340
Bala 781339
Bali 781378
Balikaria 781341
Balilecha 781334
Balowa 781310
Banagram 781303
Banagram Chowk 781303
Banekuchi 781340
Barajol 781369
Barama 781346
Baramchari 781355
Barazara 781334
Barbari 781351
Barchakadal 781373
Bardigheli 781334
Barghopa 781312
Baridatara 781351
Barimakha 781333
Barkhanajan 781337
Barnaddi 781303
Barnibari 781304
Barpit 781378
Barsimlaguri 781346
Bartola 781138
Batsar 781303
Belsor 781304
Bennabari 781333
Bhadra 781334
Bhojkuchi 781378
Bihampur 781303
Bonmaza 781304
Bori 781338
Burinagar 781341
Chaibari 781348
Chamata 781306
Chandkuchi 781334
Chechapani 781360
Chengoi 781337
Chilling 781369
Chowkbazar 781334
Dahkaunia 781346
Dalbari 781333
Dangarmakha 781333
Darangamela 781360
Darangapara 781360
Daulasal 781312
Debachara 781333
Deharkalakuchi 781310
Dhanbil 781348
Dhuhi 781350
Dighaldonga 781348
Dirua 781304
Doomni 781373
Gamurimuri 781306
Gandhia 781304
Geruapara 781355
Ghograpar 781369
Gobradal 781370
Golibandha 781375
Gopalbazar 781353
Gopalthan 781334
Guakuchi 781369
Haribhanga 781378
Haziragaon 781360
Helana 781375
Hidilatari 781138
Jagra 781310
Jalagaon 781373
Jalkhana 781378
Janijog 781334
Japadang 781348
Kachupathar 781138
Kaithalkuchi 781370
Kakaya 781304
Kalag 781351
Kalipur 781360
Kaljar 781346
Kamarkuchi 781347
Kamrupbarkhola 781350
Kaplabari 781138
Karemura 781355
Karia 781339
Kathalbari 781346
Kauli 781360
Kazipara 781341
Kekankuchi 781138
Kendukuchi 781341
Khakrisal 781310
Kharsitha 781370
Kharua 781346
Khatabari 781335
Khatikuchi 781369
Khgrabari 781344
Kukundi 781340
Kumarikata 781360
Lachima 781312
Lahkarpara 781350
Larkuchi 781138
Madhapur 781346
Makhibaha 781374
Marowa 781348
Medaghat 781355
Menaka 781360
Merkuchi 781346
Milanpur 781337
Mugdi 781312
Mugkuchi 781334
Mukalmua 781126
Muktapur 781344
Mularkuchi 781303
Mussalpur 781372
Nagrijuli 781368
Nalbari 781335
Nankarbhaira 781369
Narua 781138
Nathkuchi 781355
Nayabasti 781344
Niz Bahjani 781334
Niz Namati 781355
Nizbangalipara 781333
Nizdhamdhama 781349
Nizpakoa 781353
Nizsantipur 781369
Pachim Kajia Gaon 781138
Pachimchamata 781306
Paharpur 781360
Pakhamara 781348
Pakribari 781360
Panigaon 781303
Patkijuli 781360
Pub Baramchari 781333
Rampur Dekapara 781375
Rupia Bathan 781306
Sandheli 781353
Sanekuchi 781350
Sathimuka 781355
Sauramari 781350
Solmara 781338
Suradi 781340
Tambulpur 781367
Terechia 781334
Thamna 781377
Thanguri 781333
Tihu 781371
Ulabari 781339
Uttarbarsiral 781369

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