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Auniati Satra

Auniati Satra
Satras are the Assamese Vaishnavite monasteries for religious practices. These great Vaishnava monasteries were founded at the initiative of the Ahom Kings of Assam in the middle of the 17th century. Satra is an institution which motivates the minds of the people through ritual performances to realize the existence of God. They are places where the Vaishnavs dedicate themselves to serve God and also preach the followers for devotion towards God. They are also the centre of art and culture in Assam. They make the use of various ritual and devotional performances to make the mass people understand and practice the doctrine of the Vaishnavism and realize belief in one God and the means of the ultimate eternal peace.

The Auniati Satra was established in Majuli in 1653 A.D. by the Ahom King  Sultanla. He was given the name Jayaddhaja Singha after he  adopted the Hindu Religion (Vaishnava) from the first Satradhikar  of Auniati Satra Sri Sri Niranjan Deva. King Jayaddhaja Singha was endowed with 81,650 bighas of land in two different categories namely Devotra and Brohmotra to be looked after and maintained by the Satra. Sri Sri Auniati Satra occupied the highest position amongst the various Satras of Assam in the eyes of the Ahom Kings. The slightly elevated land of Majuli, where this Satra was established, was full of Auni Paan (a kind of betel creeper plant). Ati means elevated place. There from the name Auniati Satra came into being.

The main prayer in the Auniati Satra continues from morning till evening everyday and is being continued without interruption for more than last 350 years. The Satriya performances are usually a regular devotion to Lord Govinda by the vaishnavs in the Satra in the general prayer hall (Naam-ghar). In addition, there are also special performances devoted to Lord in presence/ supervision of the Satradhikar on various occasions and festivals. These festivals are Paal-naam, Raas-leela, Janmastami, Holi, Dewali, Bohag Bihu (Assamese New Year), Kati Bihu etc. The death anniversaries of the past Satradhikaras and the Vaishnavite Gurus are also ritually celebrated.

The Satriya performances of the Auniati Satra include various forms of prayers, dances and religious theatrical shows based on the great Indian epics of Puranas, Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, SrimadBhagawat etc. The foremost dance performances of SriSri Auniati Satra are Natua, Apsara, Sutradhar, Ozapali (Panchali and Dulari), Sali, Jumura, Krishna Gopi Nritya, Maati Akhara and Gayan-Bayan. The Songs (Satriya Geeta) includes Gayana Geet, Ozapali Geet, Janmastami Geet, Raas-Geet, Gopal Bairagya Geet, Raja Gharia Geet, Guru Bandana, Deva Bandana & Natarmajar Geet. Naama , Hiya Nam, Deeha Nam, Sabahua Nam, Bairagi Nam, Nam Mangal, Ghosa Mangal, Ras Mangal, Bairaginam, Barnam etc. One of the significant festivals of Sri Sri Auniati Satra is Palnaam, commencing from the 25th day of Assamese Kartika Month to the 29th day of the same. Thousands of followers (disciples) gather in the main Majuli satra for offering their prayers during these days.

North Guwahati Branch

The North Guwahati branch of SriSri Auniati Satra is situated in the North bank of the river Brahmaputra in Guwahati. It can be reached by road from Guwahati City through the bridge on Brahmaputra and is about 1 hour drive from the city centre. There is also a direct ferry service to the satra from Sukleshwar Ghat in Guwahati.

Kaliapani Branch

Kaliapani is 30 km on the National Highway No.37 east of Jorhat on way to Sivasagar. The Satra branch is situated 3 km south of Kaliapani point on the National Highway. Transport facility to the satra is available from Kaliapani (3 km) and nearest town Teok (6 km). Public and state transport facility is also available from Jorhat town to Kaliapani. One can also self-drive or hire private taxi (around 1 hr drive) from Jorhat town to reach the satra by road. The nearest airport and train station is at Jorhat.

Contact :

Sri Sri Auniati Satra
MAJULI 785 106,
Jorhat, Assam, INDIA
Phone +91-3775-23750(Majuli),
+91-361-2690374 (Guwahati),
+91-376-2396774 (Kaliapani)


As far as the climate and weather conditions are concerned, the best time to travel to the Auniati Satra is October to March. This is also the best time to visit Assam. Usually, the coolest months are from November to February and the hot months are March to October. The average day temperature during this summer time ranges from 270C to 37 degree C and there is regular rain throughout these months. Assam does not have restricted area status and only a valid Indian visa is sufficient as entry formality.

How to reach :

One can reach main Auniati Satra, Majuli by river boats,ferry from Nimati Ghat Jorhat.  Jorhat is well connected by road, railways and air network with rest of the country.

Where to stay :

There is no big hotels in Majuli. One can stay in the Satra itself as they have good accommodations for the guests