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Head-Quater : Haflong
Area : 4890 Sq. Km
HQ PIN Code : 788819
HQ STD Code : 03673
Official Website : www.nchills.nic.in
North Cachar Hills District Map
Population : 2,13,529(2011 Census)
Male : 1,10,566
Female : 1,02,963
Sex Ratio : 931
Density : 44 per sq. km

Adoringly  described  by  the  visitors  as  'Switzerland of the East', the North Cachar Hills is a district garlanded by hills.   This dreamland of north-east is an unending  saga  of   undulating  hills  and  valleys, gently  flowing  streams  and waterfalls,  where  the  very  breeze  that  wafts  across  the  paddy  fields  and the bamboo forests is redolent with the fragrance of the land in which man and animal live in perfect harmony with nature. North Cachar district is situated at the southern part of the state and is bounded by Nagaland & Manipur state in the east, Cachar district of Assam in the south, Meghalaya state & the part of Karbi-Anglong district in the west & another part of Karbi-Anglong & Nagaon district in the north. Haflong town is the administrative seat of the district. North Cachar Hills is also known as Dima Hasao. The district headquarters are located at Haflong. The district occupies an area of 4888 sq.km and has a population of  2,13,529 (as of 2011 Census).

The story of the N C Hills District presents a very chequered history. As it were, the district passed through periods of stress and strain before it acquired the present socio-political identity. Before the British occupation, the North Cachar Hills district was a part of Dimasa Kingdom that extended at the time upto the whole area of Cachar District, the present Karbi Anglong District, a major portion of Nagaon District and parts of Nagaland including Dimapur right upto Nichu Guard on Dimapur-Kohima Road. The Dimasa Kings had their capitals at Dimapur (Nagaland), Maibang (N C Hills), Khaspur and lastly at Haritakhar now in Cachar District.

The Dimasa Kingdom was annexed to the British Empire under the Doctrine of Lapse on the 15th August,1832 after the assassination of last Dimasa king Maharaja Govinda Chandra Narayan in 1830 AD.

Of course, even after the death of last Dimasa king the territory North of Barail Hills was ruled by the last Dimasa General named Tularam. His sovereignty over the territory was also acknowledged by the Britishers. But with his death in 1854 AD, succession to this Kingdom by his son was denied and the entire territory was annexed to Nagaon District. Later on the portion now occupied by the North Cachar Hills District was attached to newly created Naga Hills district. In early eighties of the last century an administrative Unit with its headquarters at Asalu was established. Shortly after that north Cachar Hills was separated from Naga Hills and tagged to District of Cachar as its Sub Division. In 1880 AD the Sub Divisional Headquarters was established at Gunjung. And finally in 1895 AD the Sub Divisional Headquarters was again shifted to Haflong. Since then it remained as Headquarters of North Cachar Hills. Since its amalgamation with District of Cachar, North Cachar Hills was a Sub Division of that District and was administered as an Excluded Area till India attained independence in 1947. This is how the name of the district came to be known as North Cachar Hills. Later, in 1951, it was amalgamated with Mikir Hills (Present Karbi Anglong District) and formed a separate Civil District of United Mikir and North Cachar Hills. North Cachar Hills remained as a Sub Division of that district until February 2, 1970 on which date it attained its present status as a full-flagged Civil District.

The North Cachar Hills District is an Autonomous District constituted under the provision of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India. The North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council may be described as a "State in miniature" having all the paraphernalia of a Govt. like Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. It has full autonomy to legislate and administer the subjects like land, revenue, primary education, customary laws etc. assigned to it under Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India. The Deputy Commissioner who on the other hand runs the Civil Administration including the law and order is the head of the District.

On the 29th April,1952, the District Council, as an autonomous body came into being which marked a new era in the history of North Cachar Hills. Initially the District Council got on the saddle of autonomy with 12 elected members, 4 nominated members and a Secretary; with the provision of Chief Executive Member and its 2 Executive Members.  The Sub- Divisional Officer (Civil), N C Hills Sub Division occupied as Ex- Officio Chairman of the N C Hills Autonomous District Council at that time for 6 years as per provision of Assam Autonomous Districts (Constitution of Districts Council) Rules 1951.

North Cachar Hills is a land of sensuousness. The population of the district comprises of various tribes & races who maintain their own dialect, culture, customs & usages. Apart from various tribes, non-tribals also account for  a sizable amount  of the population. They are mostly government employees, traders, graziers living in urban & semi-urban area.  The small and serene villages shelter the lovely people – warm and fascinating – and as colourful as the land itself. Among  the various tribes, the prominent ones are : Dimasa, Zeme, Hmar, Kuki, Biate, Hrangkhol


JATINGA : Just 9 kms from Haflong. World wide famous for bird mystery (Birds Harakiri). The migratory birds come during the months August to November & it becomes the ornithologist's attraction. From the elevated watch tower one can see them yielding to their death wish & their little plumage dropping down. At the end of monsoon months especially on moonless and foggy dark nights between 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., birds are disturbed by the locals and they are attracted to lights. These dazed birds are captured using bamboo poles by the locals. The local tribals first took this natural phenomenon to be spirits flying from the sky to terrorize them. This phenomenon is not confined to a single species, with Tiger Bittern, Black Bittern, Little Egret, Pond Heron, Indian Pitta and Kingfishers all being affected. Conservation groups and wildlife officials in India have taken steps to prevent wanton killing of birds across India, creating awareness in the illiterate villagers. Since then, the amount of birds killed have decreased by about 40 percent.

HAFLONG :   Up in the rugged terrains    stands Assam's only  hill  station Haflong, where one can see the rainbow down below. It is the Dist. Head Qr. of  N.C.Hills District. The hills emerge from the heart of Assam like chorus of silent hymns & rise up to the sky like the crescendo. The sportive clouds play around the cliffs like gleeful children. The limitless green rolls away to distant horizon in a beautiful rhythm. Hilly Assam is a land of sensuousness. A heaven to the senses where one touches the sweetest dream with one's finger. The mountains float in the distant sky. The clouds descend & snugly lie below one's feet.

MAIBANG : Located on the bank of the river Mahur and 53 kms from Haflong. Maibang once flourished as the capital of Dimasa, kachari Kingdom. Stone house & temple of Kachari king & other ruins of the kingdom are the main attractions of the place.Where to stay   : P.W.D. Guest House, Irrigation I.B.

UMRANGSO : 112 km from Haflong & 224 kms from Guwahati .The huge Hydel plant has come up under North East electric Power Corporation(NEEPCO) with dams in the Kopili river. Near Umrangso, there is a Hot spring( GARAMPANI),the water of which is believed to have medicinal value. Where to stay : NEEPCO Guest House, P.W.D. Guest House,D.C.'s I.B., & other Guest Houses of Cement factories.

PANIMOOR : Approximately 120 kms away from Haflong, & 8-10 kms from Haflong Tiniali,The Kopili River turns into a thrilling waterfall, rolling over the rocks of Panimoor. Where to stay : Forest Inspection Bunglow, PWD IB at Diyungmukh

Other beautiful places of N.C.Hills  are Laisong, Semkhor, Gunjung, Khorongma, Harangajao, Pathar Nalla waterfalls in the Khrungming Reserve Forest etc.  


Economic scenario of North Cachar Hills district is not very encouraging.Geographical remoteness coupled with poor communication, as well as infra-structural facilities are the main factors behind the low level of development. However, in spite of the gloomy scenario, prospects of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry are bright.  Entire rural people of the district is dependent upon Agriculture. A distinctive feature as regards to agricultural practices of the tribal people in the district is jhumming which is the traditional way of their life. Livestock and Poultry occupy an important place in the rural economy. Buffalo, pig etc are the most common livestock animals while hen and duck comprise the poultry birds. Cement factories, saw-mills etc. are the private organized sector industries in the district. There are four Cement Plants in this district. Also, NEEPCO has established "Kopili Hydel Project" at Umrangso which produces sizable quantity of electricity. Apart from these, weaving is also considered to be a household industry in this district. Limestone and coal in small quantity are found in the neighbourhood of Garampani i.e. from Khorangma to Gorampani. Carbonaceous shale is available in Baga area. Good quality of limesyone, low in magnesia and suitable for cement manufacturing is also available.


1) State Bank Of India (SBI), HAFLONG MAIN ROAD, Phone : 03673-239242
2) State Bank Of India (SBI), MAHUR, Phone : 03673-283423
3) State Bank Of India (SBI), MAIBANG, Phone : 03873-282428
4) State Bank Of India (SBI), KHEPA (GARAMPANI), Phone : 03670-28898
5) United Bank Of India (UBI), HAFLONG, Phone : (03218) 220164

Photos of North Cachar Hills
Water Fall In Haflong
Water Fall In H...

Haflong, Maibong, Umrangso


Haflong, Maibang


1) Haflong - Bir Bhadra Hagjer (BJP


1) Civil Hospital, Haflong, Phone : 03673-239015, 236378
2) Rural Hospital, Maibong, Phone : 03673-282425
3) Holy Spirit Hospital, Upper Haflong
4) Holy Cross Hospital


Name of the S. P. Dr. Dhananjay P. Ghanawat, IPS
Phone: (03673) 236325(O)/236331(R)
Fax : (03673) 236332
Mob : 9954336100

Addl. S.P. (HQ) (03673) 236080 (O), 236384 (R)
Addl. S.P. (S) (03673) 236080 (O), 238246 (R)
Dy. S.P. (HQ) (03673) 238666 (O), 236857 (R)
SDPO Maibong (03673) 282452 (O)
C.I., Haflong (03673) 236327 (O)

Name of the Police Station

1. Haflong (03673) 236228
2. Maibong (03673) 282431
3. Langting (03673) 283421
4. Dehangi (03670) 288253
5. Diyangmukh (03677) 231060
6. Harangajao (03673) 284421
7. Mahur (03673) 283421
8. Umrangshu (03670) 288253

Name of the Out Post

1. Dittockheherra -
2. Purana Leikul -
3. Hatikhali -
4. Manderdisa -
5. Panimur -
6. Three Kilo -
7. Lanku -
8. Sankari Bagan T.O.P. (03673) 236315


From Guwahati by road Haflog is about 368 k.m. Assam State operate daily buses from Guwahati to Haflong at regular time. Apart from State Transport many Private operators like Network Travels, Royal Travels run daily bus services to Haflong.


Haflong is covered by three Railway Stations of NF Railway Hill Section Meter Gauge. The Stations are Lower Haflong, Hill Haflong and Bageter Station.From Guwahati via Lumding to Lower Haflong Station (285 Km). Barak Valley Express in the morning, Cachar Express in the night, From Silchar via Badarpur to Hill Haflong Station (92 Km)


Though there is no direct Air connection to N.C.Hills District, one can fly up to Silchar or Guwahati, from where easy road & railway services to the district are available.


1) Police Control Room - (03673) 236121
2) Fire Brigade (Control No.) - (03673) 236301
3) Deputy Commissioner - 03673-236222(O)/236221(R)
4) Addl. Deputy Commissioner - 03673- 236372
5) Circuit House, Haflong - 03673-236223
6) Dak Bunglow, Haflong - 03673-236273
7) Hotel Elite, Haflong - 03673-236708
8) Hotel Joyeswari, Haflong - 03673-236484
9) Hotel Valley View, Haflong - 03673-239378
10)Hotel Eastern, Haflong - 03673-236476
11)Hotel Rahmania, Haflong - 03673 – 236363
12)The Little Homes Lodge, Haflong - 03673-236247
13)Irrigation IB, Maibang - 03673-282451
14)NEEPCO Guest House, Umrongso - 03670- 288246
15)Lily Hotel, Umrongso - 03670-288243
16)LG & Zet Travels, Haflong - +91-094352-00015
17)Network Travels, Haflong - 03673-237850
18)Orient Travels, Haflong - 03673-237291
19)Railway Enquiry, Hill Haflong - 03673-236365
20)Railway Enquiry, Lower Haflong - 03673-236244
21)Railway Enquiry, Maibang - 03673-282404
22)Railway Enquiry, Mahur - 03673-283414


Assam Quary B.O 788931
Bagetar B.O 788820
Bandarkhal B.O 788818
Baro Mulkoi B.O 788818
Borolabang B.O 788931
Christiankempai B.O 788819
Dautohaza B.O 788830
Dehangi B.O 788819
Dezabra B.O 788832
Dibari B.O 788819
Dintharveng B.O 788819
Dittakcherra B.O 788818
Diyumbra B.O 788931
Dwarband S.O 788113
Electric Veng B.O 788820
Fengpui B.O 788819
Garampani B.O 788931
Govindanagar B.O 788931
Gunjung B.O 788819
Haflo R.S. B.O 788820
Haflong Bazar B.O 788819
Haflong Ptc S.O 788820
Haflong S.O 788819
Hajang B.O 788831
Hange B.O 788830
Hangrum B.O 788830
Harengajao S.O 788818
Hatikhali B.O 788832
Hazadisha B.O 788831
Impui Hindu B.O 788830
Jatinga B.O 788818
Jatinga Tenali B.O 788819
Kanaan B.O 788819
Kanabasti B.O 788819
Kaprey B.O 788831
Kharthang B.O 788818
Khejurbond B.O 788831
Khognam B.O 788830
Laisang Bagan B.O 788830
Langting Hasin B.O 788832
Langting S.O 788832
Lasang B.O 788830
Lodikachari B.O 788108
Longkhu B.O 788931
Mahur S.O 788830
Maibong S.O 788831
Mailongdisha B.O 788818
Mandardisha B.O 788832
Manigipur B.O 788831
Michidui B.O 788819
Mouthoi B.O 788819
Mupa B.O 788832
Nablaidisha B.O 788831
Narainpur B.O 788818
Narsingwari B.O 788819
Panch Kilometer B.O 788931
Pangmoul B.O 788830
Redzol B.O 788818
Sangbar B.O 788931
Santilla B.O 788819
Saran B.O 788830
Sarkari Bagan B.O 788820
Simtuilong B.O 788831
Sonpijang B.O 788819
Topadisa B.O 788820
Tulpoi B.O 788830
Umrangshu S.O 788931
Venzaul B.O 788830
Wardendisha B.O 788831
Zion B.O 788820

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