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Head-Quater : Barpeta
Area : 3,245 sq.km
HQ PIN Code : 781301
HQ STD Code : 03665
Official Website : www.barpeta.nic.in
Barpeta District Map
Population : 16,93,190(2011 Census)
Male : 8,67,891
Female : 8,25,299
Sex Ratio : 951
Density : 632 per sq. km

Barpeta which is known as Land of the Satras, one of the administrative districts of Assam. Headquarters of this district is situated at Barpeta. Barpeta District was carved out of erstwhile Kamrup District of Assam in July 1983. The district derived its name from the head-quarter town of Barpeta. Created as a Civil Sub-Division in 1841 by the British Administration, John Batlor was the first administrative Officer of erstwhile Civil Sub-Division. Today the District consists of two- Civil Sub-Divisions, (1) Barpeta and (2) Bajali. The Barpeta district covers an area of 3245 sq km. Barpeta is popularly known as the 'Land of the Satras'. These Satras bear the testimony of the great Assamese reformer, saint, Scholar and Cultural exponent Srimanta Sankardeva and his able disciple Shri Shri Madhabdeva who arrived from Upper Assam back in the 16th century to lay down strong foundation of Assamese Culture in the region through his socio-religious Vaishnava-reform movement

He brought about a clutural change in Assam and built lots of Satras in the area. There are lots of Satras in and around Barpeta, that it has got the name Land of Satras. Barpeta has one largest of the lot Satra in the heart of its town. This Satra was found by Shri Madhab Deva one of the Disciples of Srimanta Sankara Deva. This Satra attracts devotees from all over Assam and outside too particularly during the festival of Holi, when Doul festival is organised and held in the satra as the anniversary for the Gurus. This Satra covers an area of 20 bighas and a lot of buildings can be seen inside the area. There are three asanas kept in the prayer room in the honour of Srimanta Sankara Deva, Shri Madhab Deva and Shri Badula Ata. The two Satraadhikars sit behind the asanas and offer prayers or hold Nam Prasangas as they are called. The kirthan ghar is said to be the largest of its kind in Assam.

Manas National Park is another wild life Sanctuary in the Barpeta District. It is a one of the few Tiger Reserves, an Elephant Reserve and a biosphere too. Rare and endangered wild life like Assam roofed turtle, Hispid Hare, Golden Langour, Pygmy Hog etc are found in this National Park. Manas, a tributary of the river Brahmaputra paases through this National Park giving it its name. This Park was dedicated to the Nation in the year 1928.  This Lower Assam District is bounded by international border of Bhutan in the north, Nalbari District in the east, Kamrup and Goalpara districts in the south and Bongaigaon district in the west.


1) Barpeta Satra : The Satra located at the heart of the City attracts devotees from all over the State particularly during Holi when Doul festival is organised and annivarsaries of various Vaishnava Gurus. The buildings within the Satra premise are architectural achievements in its own right.The Kirtan Ghar is considered to be the largest in Assam. The Three Guru Asanas are placed in this buildings in honour of Shrimanta Sankardeva, Shri Madhavdeva and Shri Badula Ata. The two Satradhikars sit behind the Asanas to hold Nam-Prasangas regularly. Numerous buildings are located within the premise covering an area of 20 Bighas

2) Pari Hareswar Devalaya: This Shiva Temple was founded back in the ancient period.Located at Dubi near Pathsala of Bajali Sub-Division Ahom King Shiva Singha made land grants measuring about 760 Puras recorded in Copper-Plate inscriptions and donated an image of Goddesses Durga. There is a legend that Queen Fuleswari, wife of Shiva Singha, was instrumental in bringing "Devadasis" or Temple dancers from Upper Assam to perform dances for amusement of the deities of this Temple. The famous dance form "Devadasi-Nritya" is said to have originated in this Temple.

3) Chinpara Vithi: Chinpara-Vithi is the place where Srimanta Sankardeva landed from his boat at Barpeta on banks of Palangdi Bori; which is presently called Palangdihati. The Saint stayed here for six months to propogate his faith. This place is located about 1/2 K.M. North of Barpeta Satra. The Namghar established by the Guru still exist.

4) Dargah Of Syed Shahnur Dewan: A disciple of Muslim Sufi-Saint Ajan Fakir of Upper Assam Syed Shahnur Dewan came and stayed at Bhella region to spread the Sufi Philosophy of Islamic brotherhood back in the medeival period. This mystic is said to have divine healing power and cured a maternity problem of Queen Fuleswari, wife of Ahom King Shiva Singha. On curing the Queen, the King issued land grants and other patronages to the Fakir. Ahom King Chandra Kanta Singha also offered land through issue of Copper-Plate inscriptions which has been lost during the Burmese invasions of 1824

5) Sundaridiya Satra: Located near the Barpeta town this is a Satra that played an important role in spreading Vaishnavisim and reformation. Shri Madhabdeva founded the Satra and composed the "Bhakti Ratnakar" and "Namghosa" here in the original Vithi of the Satra.The great saint during his sojourn here dug a Well preserved till today and water of the well is considered holy.Three Guru Asanas are placed in the name of Shri Sankardeva,Shri Madhavdeva and Shri Badula Ata.

4) Manas National Park: Situated in the foothills of the Bhutanese Himalayas, is famous for its majestic tigers and the  golden leaf monkey. Established in 1928 as a reserve forest, the Manas National Park was designated as a tiger reserve in 1973. Named after the Manas river, which separates Bhutan from India, the park has dense deciduous forests spread over an area of 2840 sq km which provide a sanctuary to twenty highly endangered species of birds and animals, including the hispid hare, pygmy hog and the red panda which can be seen occasionally at higher altitudes. The sanctuary is situated in both India and Bhutan, the two parks, both named Manas, being contiguous.

Along the Manas river and its tributaries are spreads of riverine forests as well as tall grasslands on the floodplains. To the south of the border, the Indian part of Mb has tropical forests on high ground, and riverine forests and tall grasslands on the lower plains.

5) Gorokhia Gosair Than: Shri Narayan Das Thakur Ata, a disciple of Shrimanta Sankardeva came to offer his devotion that was said to be founded by some cow herds (Gorokhia). The building of this Than has a close resemblance of the Kirtanghar of Barpeta Satra. The Than covers an area of 25 Bighas where Doul festival is organised annually with great pomp and splendour.

6) Ganakkuchi Satra: Established by Sri Madhabdeva, the reformer stayed here for more then 18 years. The vithis of Shri Ram Ata and Shri Ram Atoi are also preserved here. A number of Sachipat Puthis composed by Shrimanta Sankardeva is preserved here. This Satra is located within the radius of Barpeta Municipality.

7) Patbaushi Satra, Patbaushi
8) Baradi Satra, Baradi

Economy Of Barpeta District

Sarthebari town is located in the easternmost corner of the district famous for the household brass metal industry. Large number households carry out this industry that expertises in making Sarais, Bota, Ban-Batis,Thals,glasses etc. that are traditionally used by the Assamese people. These utensils are unique contribution towards Assamese tradition and culture carried for long period of time. Due to increasing cost of raw materials that is to be imported from other state, the artisans are finding it economically difficult to continue the industry. The main raw materials used in the craft is the brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc in the shape of sheets. The workshops where the artisans of Hajo manufacture the products of brass are called "Garshali". There remains a furnace in the middle of the "Garshali" which the local people called "Affar". The artisans work for the whole day with their hammers in the "Affar" to manufacture the products out of brass. In old days the "Garshali" were in the nearby jungle areas away from populated places to avoid day long noises of the hammers from the people.

Barpeta is famous centre for preparation of Traditional Assamese ornaments with Gold. The ornaments are stillas popular as during the medieval period among the female community.

Among the various articles preserved in the Satras, the decorative items made out of wood reflects the skilful artistry of the carpentars. The Guru Asana or the pedestral of the guru,various animals and birds figuring in mythology are aesthetically designed by the artisans.

Materials including Ornaments,Toys, images of Gods and Goddessess,Animals, Comb etc. are made by skilful artisans of Barpeta since the time of Shrimanta Sankardeva.

Various Banks In Barpeta District

1) Axis Bank - WARD NO.5, BARPETA ROAD - Phone :(03666) - 263364/261941/261889/262084 Fax: 03666 - 263349, email: ibrm@axisbank.com
2) Central Bank Of India - SORBHAG - Phone : (03666) 287720
3) Central Bank Of India - B.K. ROAD - Phone : (03665) 252200
5) State Bank Of India (SBI) - Phone : 03665-252101,03666-260809,9435732029
6) Syndicate Bank - B B ROAD,METUAKUCHI and BASHBARI.Phone : (03665) - 252234, (03666) - 260731
7) Union Bank Of India (UBI) - DAS MARKET and KALABHANGA and K K ROAD, NABIN BAZAR. Phone: 03666 - 260844 / 26161,03666 - 260635,(03665) 252177
8) UCO Bank - BARPETA and MAIN ROAD,BARPETA ROAD. Phone : 03665-252145,9435483734
9) Allahabad Bank - BANIKANTA KAKATI ROAD. Phone: 03665-253081

Various Banks ATM in Barpeta District

2) State Bank Of India (SBI) ATM, BARPETA
3) Union Bank of India ATM, Kalbhanga Via Barpeta Road
4) Union Bank of India ATM, Sundaridia
5) Axis Bank ATM, Premises of Sri. Biswanath Agarwala, Ward No 5, Main Road
6) Axis Bank ATM, Sarbhog, Near Sbi Sarbhog
7) HDFC Bank ATM, Station Road
8) Canara Bank ATM, Chowkhuty
9) Canara Bank ATM, Pathsala

Photos of Barpeta
Entry gate of Manas National Park
Entry gate of M...
Beauty of Manas National Park
Beauty of Manas...
Elephat safari at Manas National Park
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Birds at Manas National Park
Birds at Manas ...
Butterfly at  Manas National Park
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1) Barpeta: The headquarter and the second largest town in the district. It is virtually a noise and pollution free town with limited number of automobiles. The town is surrounded by rivulets and canals from all directions. The most important centre of attraction is the Barpeta satra established by Great Vaishnavite saint Madhabdeva.

2) Barpeta Road: The largest town of the district. A busy commercial town also known as the business capital of lower Assam. Many communities of people live peacefully in and around the town.

3) Sarbhog: A small town along national highway no.-31 is known for its famous tasty curd made from buffalow's milk. Many institutions are located in and around the town.

4) Pathsala: A town in the eastern part of the district is also known as the hollywodd of mobile theatres of assam. Basecamps of many famous and old mobile theatre groups of assam are situated in the town. Majority of the people in town are higher educated.

5) Howli: A small town situated as a transit point in between Barpeta and Barpeta Road. It is known for its biweekly markets which cater to all the needs of poor and lower middle class people. Howli is also famous for its extravagant annual Ras festival usually held in the month of November. It is also known for its cottage industry of betelnut.

6) Sarthebari: A small town known for its bell-metal works.

7) Kalgachia: A town situated in the western part of the district is mainly resided by bengali-speaking Muslim people. It is an important centre of academic and intellectual activities of Bengali speaking Muslim people of Assam.

8) Bhawanipur: A town situated near by NH31 and the center place of Barpeta District. well Communication System for the people. A well educated and well occupied town.

9) Sarupeta: A town situated near Bhawanipur Town. Mainly known as place of Business.


Bajali, Barpeta, Bhawanipur, Chakchaka, Chenga, Gobardhana, Gomaphulbari, Jalah, Mandia, Pakabetbari, Rupshi, Sarukhetri




2) Barpeta Civil Hospital. Contact : Dr. N.N. Sarma,(M) +91-9435145302
1) M/S Sobha Kamana Hospital
2) M/S Binapani Nursing Home & Hospital
3) M/S Satish Sarma Memorial Hospital & Research centre
4) M/S Patshala Maternity cum Polyclinic & Research Centre
5) M/S Sanjivani Hospital
6) M/S Life Care Hospital & Research Centre, Barpeta


Name of the S. P.
Shri Shiladitya Chetia, IPS
Phone :(03665) 236254(O),236255(R)
Fax:(03665) 235959
Police Control Room:(03665) 252231

Addl. S.P. (HQ) Barpeta - (03665) 236630 (O), 236638 (R)
Dy. S.P. (HQ) Barpeta - (03665) 252240 (O & R)
Dy. S.P. (B) Barpeta - (03665) 252258 (O)
Dy. S.P. (DSB) Barpeta - (03665) 236219 (O)
SDPO, Bajali - (03666) 266076 (O)
C.I. Barpeta Road - (03666) 260875 (O)

Police Stations in Barpets District

1. Barpeta (03665) 252113
2. Barpeta Road (03666) 260756
3. Sorbhog (03666) 287427
4. Kalgachia (03665) 284499
5. Tarabari (03665) 283447
6. Sarthebari (03665) 274556
7. Patacharkuchi (03666) 264508
8. Baghbor
9. Kachumara (R/PS)
10. Alopatichar (R/PS)

Police Out Posts in Barpets District

1. Howly (03666) 289442
2. Kayakuchi (03666) 271143
3. Bhabanipur (03665) 245545
4. Pathsala (03666) 266177
5. Sarupeta (03666) 245648
6. Baghmara (03666) 268864
7. Mandia (03665) 274114
8. Moinbari
9. Barbhita
10. Balikuri PP


1) Dilip Cinema, Barpeta Road, Main Road to Barpeta Road (Capacity - 676)
2) Sarma Talkies,Pathsala,Pathsala, Barpeta (Capacity - 300)


From guwahati Barpeta is 140 km.Barpeta can be reached by Bus & Railways. The nearest Railway Station being Barpeta Road which lies at a distance of 21 K.M. from Barpeta Town. Barpeta Road is connected to all over Assam by National Highway No.31, North of the District Head quarter Town of Barpeta. Howly connects Barpeta with the National Highway which lies about 16 K.M. There are regular bus services between Barpeta and Guwahati.


1) Barpeta Road/BPRD Railway Station


Deputy Commissioner
FAX: 0091-3665-252211/252059
E-mail: dc-barpeta@assam.nic.in

SDO (C) Bajali, Pathsala 03666-266432 03666-266421
Dist. Informatics Officer, NIC Barpeta 03665-252342
Circuit House (VIP) 252246
Railway enquiry 131
Sadar Police Station,Barpeta 252113
Electricity Dept.(Complaint) 252105


. Thakurbazar 781301
. Suliakata 781317
. Sorbhog 781317
. Simlaguri 781313
. Sarutapa 781352
. Sarupeta 781316
. Sarthebari 781307
. Santinagar 781314
. Pathsala 781325
. Patacharkuchi 781326
. Paka Bet Bari Pathar 781352
. Nizbahari 781302
. Nityananda 781329
. Naligaon 781352
. Mayanbari 781321
. Mandia 781308
. Kokilabari Farm 781330
. Kalgachia 781319
. Jalahghat 781327
. Howly 781316
. Chenga 781305
. Bilashi Para Bazar 781315
. Bhowanipur 781352
. Bhella 781309
. Barpeta Road 781315
. Barpeta Bazar 781301
. Barpeta 781301
. Barengabari 781315
. Bajali College 781325
. Baharihat 781302
. Baghmarabazar 781328

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