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Head-Quater : Marigaon
Area : 1450.02 sq. km
HQ PIN Code : 782105
HQ STD Code : 03678
Official Website : www.morigaon.nic.in
Marigaon District Map
Population : 9,57,853(2011 Census)
Male : 4,85,328
Female : 4,72,525
Sex Ratio : 974
Density : 618 per sq. km

Marigaon is one of District among 28 Districts of Assam State . Marigaon is Marigaon Capital. Total 8 Taluks , 86 Villages are in this District . Marigaon is having 55 k.m. distance from Guwahati. The district headquarters are located at Marigaon. The district occupies an area of 1704 sq. km and has a population of 9,57,853(as of 2011 Census). The district is bounded by the mighty Brahmaputra on the North, Karbi Anglong district on the South, Nagaon District on the East and Kamrup District on the West. The mighty Brahmaputra flows along with the northern boundary of the district.

The history of Morigaon is obscure. One famous traditional ruler of the region was Arimatta whose history is shrouded in mystery. After Arimattas's death, Jongalbalahu, his son ruled over the region. Jongalbalahu was ultimately killed by the Kacharis with a bamboo spear near Kajalimukh.

The legend further goes on to say that Jongalbalahu to escape his pursuers, submerged himself in Kollong river and emerge at Raha to quench his thirst and again dived here to emerge at Jagi. From this incident were derived the names of present day Raha and Jagi.  

The writing of Bhimsingh throws some light on the history of present Morigaon town and its adjoining areas. This region was ruled independently by six rulers. During this time two princes from Darrang, Supradhvaj and Makardhvaj, fled from their homeland due to internal clash, by crossing the mighty Brahmaputra and they settled at Bahakajari. Later on, Supradhvaj married the daughter of Mangalsingh, the King of Baghara. Supradhvaj was then made the seventh king of the region, having an independent kingdom of his own.

During the days of Lachit Borphukan, another two princes from Darrang , Ram Singh and Bhimsingh crossed the Brahmaputra in search of plain lands. After Bhim Singh settled down, meanwhile, Ram Singh left for his home. Bhim Singh was not liked by the local people, hence, he left Brahmaputra and settled down near Mori Beel. This place came to known as Morigaon.

The district covers an area of 10,83,165 Bighas and 13 Lessas (1450.02 Sq. Kms). The district is bounded by the mighty Brahmaputra on the North, Karbi Anglong district on the South, Nagaon District on the East and Kamrup District on the West. The greater part of the district is an alluvial plain, criss-crossed with numerous rivers and water ways and dotted with many beels and marshes. The mighty Brahmaputra flows along with the northern boundary of the district.

Killing, Kollong and Kapili rivers flow through the southern part of of the district. The Killing meets the Kapili at the Matiparbat where from Kapili moves westward. The Kollong joins Kapili at the Jagi Dui Khuti Mukh and from here they jointly fall into the Brahmaputra. The general appearance of the district is extremely picturesque. On a clear day in the winter the view to the north is bounded by the blue ranges of the outer Himalayas, behind which snowy peaks glisten brightly in the sun, while to the west and the south of the district lie range upon range of lower hills, whose sides are covered with luxuriant vegetation of the tropical forest.

There are three Reserved Forest constituted under Assam Forest Regulation Act, 1891. These are Sunaikuchi, Khulahat, and Bura Mayong. There is also one wildlife Sanctuary, named Pabitara, which is famous for the Indian one horned Rhinoceros.


1) Pabitora Wildlife Sanctury : Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is major wildlife stock, situated in Morigaon district of Assam, the northeastern state of India. Covering an area of 38.8 Sq. km., the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is about 50 km from Guwahati. Pobitora is mainly famous for its great Indian one horned Rhinoceros. Besides Rhinoceros the other animals are Asiatic Buffalo, Leopard, Wild bear, civet cat etc. Assam Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to more than 2000 migratory birds and various reptiles.

2) Sitajakhala : It was discovered in the last year of the fourth decade of the last Century. Several steps were made by cutting the stones from the temple to the River Killing at the Sita Jakhala Hills.The wall of the temple is full of statues of Hanuman & Sita herself. So people believe that Valmiki cut those stones as steps for Sita to go to the river from the temple when she was pregnant and leftby Rama. So the steps got the name SITA JAKHALA. This area is very rich in cattle population.

3) Deosal Siva Temple : It is situated by National Highway no.37 about 4 kms. away from Jagiroad town, with a big ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Shiva Ratri Mela is observed every Year very colourfully. Local people believe that Deosal was the Ashram of Valmiki, where Sita Devi was left by Rama.

4) Kachasila Hill : Just few Kms. away from Pabitora to the top of Kachasila Hills, an ancient temple, perhaps of 9th Century ,with statues of Lord Shiva and Parvoti. There is also a large number of statues of Lord Ganesh. The statues and coriin stones are the matters of research.

5) Asia's Largest Dry Fish Market : Asias largest dry fish market is situated at Jagiroad in Morigaon District. Consignments of sea and freshwater dry fish from every corner of the country, particularly from Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar come to this market. Locally in Assam also some of amount of dry fish is produced . This dry fish is mainly supplied to the hill states like Nagaland, Manipur , Mizoram, Meghalaya and Arunachal . Some portion of dry fish is supplied to South Asian Countries and also to Singapore and Malaysia.

6) Sivakunda : This is a water fall in the Amsoi hills, located about 10 k.ms.from National Highway no.37 towards south. It is a picturesque spot and a large number of people gather from October to March for picnic.

7) Joon Beel Mela : A traditional mela of barter where people of the hills come to the plains with the goods produced in hills and exchange it with the goods produced in the plains according to their need. When this practice was started is not known clearly but the king of Gova gave it an organised form. During Magh every year this Mela is held, symbolising the mutual under standing between hills & plains.

8) Mayong : It is also known as the Land of Black Magic, is situated on the bank of the river Brahmaputra. Situated at 40 km from Guwahati and once considered the cradle of black magic in the country, Mayong is today a place of tourist attraction because of its history. During the medieval period in ancient India, Mayong is said to remain the Indian Capital of Black Magic and Witchcraft.

9) Patekibori Than

Jagiroad Paper Mill or Nagaon Paper Mill is a unit of Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited, a Govt. of India Enterprise, incorporated in 1970 to produce 100000 MT per annum of writing & printing paper so as to provide a fill up to its scarcity prevailing at that time. Altough the name is Nagoan Paper Mill but it is located at Kagaj Nagar,Jagi Road of District Morigaon. NPM being the first paper mill in the world to produce Kraft pulp in Kamyr Continuous Digester with 100% bamboo as raw material, started commercial production in 1985. Challenging all odds like locational disadvantage, infrastructural and communication bottleneck, continuous ethnic problems etc., NPM never looked back.


1) Morigaon College, Phone - 03678-240268


1) State Bank Of India (SBI), MORIGAON, Phone: 03678-241894/240060
2) United Bank Of India (UBI), MORIGAON
3) Allahabad Bank, BARPUJIA, Phone: 03678-252053

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Wild buffaloes in pobitora wildlife sanctuary assam
Wild buffaloes ...
Wild buffaloes in pobitora wildlife sanctuary assam
Wild buffaloes ...
Foreign tourist in pobitora wildlife sanctuary assam
Foreign tourist...
One horned rhinos in pobitora wildlife sanctuary assam
One horned rhin...
Elephant safari in pobitora wildlife sanctuary assam
Elephant safari...
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Marigaon, Jagiroad


Morigaon Sadar Sub division is the only Sub-Division in the District. Before crteation of the Morigaon District in 1989, Morigaon Sub-Division was a Civil Sub-Division of the un-divided Nagaon District.


1) Jagiroad - Shri Pijush Hazarika (BJP )
2) Morigaon -Rama Kanta Dewri (BJP )
3) Laharighat - Dr. Nazrul Islam (INC )


1) Morigaon Civil Hospital,P.O.Morigaon, Mobile: +91-9435319355


Name of the S. P. Nilesh T. Sawakare, IPS
Phone : (03678) 240238(O)/240204(R)
Fax : (03678) 240766
Mob : 98540-32882

Addl. S.P. (HQ) (03678) 240256 (O), 240909 (R)
Dy. S.P. (HQ) (03678) 240271 (O), 240271 (R)
Dy. S.P. (B) (03678) 240828 (O), 240300 (R)
C.I., MRG (03678) 240052 (O), 240052 (R)

Name of the Police Station

1. Morigaon (03678) 240237
2. Jagiroad (03678) 242237
3. Mayong (03678) 248060
4. Dharamtul (03672) 257525
5. Laharighat (03678) 266731
6. Mikirbheta (03678) 260142
7. Moirabari (03672) 255234
8. Bhuragaon (R/PS) (03672) 259547
9. Bhelowguri (R/PS)

Name of the Out Post

1. Nelie (03678) 256889
2. Borsala (03678) 293999


It is near about an hour drive from Guwahati to Marigaon, Government and public buses are available from guwahati


1) A.S.E.B. - 03678-24023(O)/94353-60433 (M)
2) Police Control Room - (03678) 241161
3) Fire Brigade (Control No.) - (03678) 240318


Ahatguri 782412
Alikuchi 782103
Amlighat 782410
Azarbari 782105
Baghara 782105
Bamunbori 782103
Bangaldhara 782412
Bangalpara 782105
Baralimari 782121
Barangani 782127
Barbori 782127
Barchala 782103
Baribandha 782127
Barkuloi 782411
Barpak 782411
Bhurbandha 782104
Buraburi 782411
Burgaon 782411
Chabukdhara 782103
Charaibahi 782103
Chetwaikhaitee 782127
Damal 782105
Datialbori 782126
Dayang Beloguri 782410
Deosal 782410
Dewaguri 782127
Dharamtul 782412
Dighalbori 782105
Doloichuba 782105
Doloigaon 782126
Dongarbori 782410
Dumkura Bazar 782127
Dungarpar 782121
Falihamari Pathar 782127
Gagalmari 782121
Gandhibori 782103
Geruagaon 782121
Ghagua 782105
Goroimaripathar 782126
Habibarangabari 782103
Hahcharagaon 782126
Haloakanda 782121
Hatiamukh 782411
Jagi 782411
Jagibhakatgaon 782411
Jagiroad 782410
Jalakiabari 782127
Jaluguti 782104
Jhargaon 782411
Kachadhara Nakhanda 782104
Kagajnagar 782413
Kapahera 782103
Karatipam 782105
Katanigaon 782127
Khaplangkuchi 782103
Khulagaon 782411
Killing Valley 782410
Komoraguri 782105
Kuranibori 782411
Lahorighat 782127
Lengeribori 782121
Lochanabori 782126
Manaha Kacharigaon 782411
Manipur 782105
Mayang Kamarpur 782411
Mikirbheta 782108
Moirabari 782126
Morigaon Mdg 782105
Nagabandha 782103
Natuagaon 782105
Natun Bangalbori 782411
Nellie 782410
Nizdandua 782104
No.1 Gayangaon 782126
Patidaya 782104
Patrabori 782104
Patsari 782410
Patuakata 782104
Pukarkata 782121
Raja Mayang 782411
Ramjanati 782103
Sagunbahipathar 782126
Sahariagaon 782126
Salkati Pathar 782126
Sandahkhaiti 782121
Sapmarigaon 782104
Sarubori 782105
Satiantoli 782127
Silchung 782412
Solmari Mikirgaon 782104
Sondoba 782121
Sukdal Sarubori 782104
Tarabori Kalsila Satra 782104
Tengaguri 782127
Tokonabori 782104
Toptola 782121
Udari 782105

Assamese tribes and culture
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