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Head-Quater : North Lakhimpur
Area : 2977 sq. km
HQ PIN Code : 787001
HQ STD Code : 03752
Official Website : www.lakhimpur.nic.in
Lakhimpur District Map
Population : 10,40,644(2011 Census)
Male : 5,29,484
Female : 5,11,160
Sex Ratio : 965
Density : 457 per sq. km

Lakhimpur is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. The district headquarters are located at North Lakhimpur. The district occupies an area of 2277 sq. km. and has a population of 10,40644 (as of 2011 Census). The name Lakhimpur is believed to be originated from the word "Lakshmi”" the goddess of prosperity. The district is mainly dependent upon agriculture and paddy. Paddy is regarded locally as "Lakhimi". The word "pur" means "full". Lakhimpur therefore means full of paddy or the place where paddies are grown abundantly. Besides, the soil of the district is alluvial and fertile for which crops  flourish  without use of any artificial manure or hard labour. Over and above fish, meat, vegetables, milk  were abundant in this district. Others say that  the word originated from Lakhsmi Devi, the mother of Bhuyan  Raja who was the descendent of  King Arimatta . As per Lakhimpur District Gazette (1976:4) , the district was notified as Lakhimpur District through a proclamation issued by then Governor General on July, 1839.  On 2nd October, 1971 the district was reorganized with  two sub divisions viz. Dhemaji and North Lakhimpur . Later it was again reorganized in the year  1980 with two subdivisions viz. Dhakuakhana and North Lakhimpur leaving Dhemaji as a separate district. It is bounded on the north by Siang and Papumpare District of Arunachal Pradesh and on the east by Dhemaji District and Subansiri river. Majuli Sub Division of Jorhat District stands on the southern side  and Gahpur sub division of Sonitpur District is on the West. Lakhimpur is also the gateway to several districts of Arunachal Pradesh including Itanagar.

The district was earlier regarded as "Koliapani" because there was practically no road communication to this district till 1950.  In the year 1954, the temporary aerodrome was started. From 1957 the ASTC buses started plying from Lakhimpur and from 1963 the North East Frontier Railway started train services from this district.

Administration of Lakhimpur District is divided into two sub-divisions namely North Lakhimpur and Dhakuakhana. North Lakhimpur sub-division consists of four police stations - North Lakhimpur, Boginadi, Laluk and Bihpuria. Dhakuakhana sub-division consists of two police stations - Dhakuakhana and Ghilamara. Administrative set-up of Lakhimpur District includes these major revenue circles - Lakhimpur, Dhakuakhana, Kadam, Nauboicha, Bihpuria, Narayanpur and Subansiri (Ghilamara). Further, there are nine blocks namely Narayanpur, Bihpuria, Karunabari, Nowboicha, Telahi, Lakhimpur, Boginadi, Ghilamara and Dhakuakhana.

The causes of flood in Lakhimpur District are due to excessive rainfalls  in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, melting of snow at Tibet  and  bursting of dams, which are formed by the landslides at the rivers flowing from Arunachal Pradesh. During flood the rivers get   charged with enormous quantity of silt and in their movement  the rivers  alter the conditions of flow and sometimes changes the river course causing untold miseries to the people living in its low-lying basin.


1) LETEKU PUKHURI - Letekupukhuri, the birth place of famous saint Mahapurush Sri Sri MadhabDev, is about 15 kms away from Narayanpur.


3) Madhabdev Than Rangajan

4) Belaguri Satra

5) Badala Satra

6) Phulani Than

7) Basudev Than, Dhakuakhana


Economy of Lakhimpur District is based on agriculture. Lakhimpur District is a zero industrial district where agriculture and its allied activities is the prime source of economy and livelihood. Paddy is grown in abundance and is regarded locally as "Lakhimi". The district has no industrial units. This is one of the few districts of north-eastern states where the golden thread fabrics i.e. 'muga silk' is grown in excess.


1) North Lakhimpur College : North Lakhimpur College, established in 1952, has successfully carved its niche in the arena of higher education in Assam. Committed to raising standards of higher education, the College intends to equip the learners with sound theoretical knowledge, adequate practical exposure and develop in them the capacity to think. Phone : 03752-222174(O), +91-94353-88836(M)

2) Dhakuakhana College : Established in 1966 in the district of Lakhimpur in Assam, India, Dhakuakhana College has been providing higher education to the economically disadvantaged people of the vast area comprising among others, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes. Started as a consequence of a public meeting held on the 27th of April, 1966, the college has evolved from a educational venture running on public donations to a major institution for learning. In the year 1975 the college was taken under the Deficit System of Grants-in-aid. It received UGC recognition in 1988 under 2f. The Science stream was added in 1998 under the Deficit System. Phone : +91-3752-254504 (O)

3) Lakhimpur College of Veterinary Science : Established in, Lakhimpur (Assam) in 1988, the Lakhimpur College of Veterinary Science was only the second veterinary college in the State of Assam and the solitary higher institute of applied sciences on the entire north bank of the Brahmaputra. The college is affiliated to Dibrugarh University.


1)Allahabad Bank, N. T. ROAD, Phone: 0375-2222884
2)Axis Bank, KHELMATI, Phone : 03752 - 232842/43/44 Fax: 03752 - 232845
3)Bank Of Baroda (BOB), BORMURIA TINIALI, Phone : 03752-230949
4)State Bank Of India (SBI), Phone : 03752- 222113, 224527
5)United Bank Of India, N T ROAD, Phone : (03752) 222282, 222287
6)UCO Bank    NORT, N T ROAD, Phone : 03752-222343
7)ICICI Bank, D.M.COMPLEX, C.D RD, NH - 52, Phone : +91-9957636229

Photos of Lakhimpur
Ganesh Mandir of North Lakhimpur
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Welcome to Lakhimpur Town
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Lakhimpur, Bihpuria, Dhakuakhana, Nauboicha, Bihpuria, Narayanpur and Subansiri ( Ghilamara)


Dhakuakhana is a vast area comprising a great number of villages and some growing town. Geographically; it is situated between 27.60 degree to 27.35 degree north latitude and 94.24 degree to 94.42 degree east longitude. It is a vast and extended area situated between the mighty Brahmaputra and its tributary Subansiri. Enriched by the silt left behind by these two and many other rivers this fertile region is ideal for cultivation. Of course during the rainy season many places of this area get inundated by the rivers and become end inaccessible, when boat becomes the only means of communications. But when winter comes narrow and Jig-jag ways through jungles and paddy fields give one and ardent calling.

North Lakhimpur Sub-division consists of 4 Police stations viz. North Lakhimpur, Boginadi, Laluk and Bihpuria.


1) Bihpuria - Debananda Hazarika (BJP )
2) Nauboicha - Mamun Imdadul Haque Chawdhury (AIUDF )
3) Lakhimpur - Utpal Dutta (AGP )
4) Dhakuakhana - Naba Kumar Doley (BJP )


1) North Lakhimpur Civil Hospital, Dr. A. Dehingia, Phone: 03752 222192,Mobile: +91-9435084549
2) MID Town Hospital & Research Institute, Civil Hospital Road, North Lakhimpur Ward No.1, Mr. Titu Medak, Phone: (03752)-223453
3) North East Nursing Home, Nakari, Ward No.2


Name of the S. P. Shri Brajenjit Singha, IPS
Phone : (03752) 242599 / 222302(O)/242088 / 222197(R)
Fax (03752) 242599
Mob : 9435102712

Addl. S.P. (HQ) (03752) 222432 (O), 222159 (R)
Addl. S.P. (S) (03752) 222279 (O), 222429 (R)
Dy. S.P. (HQ) (03752) 222296 (O), 222252 (R)
Dy. S.P. (B) (03752) 245642 (O)
SDPO, Dhakuakhana (03752) 254505 (O), 254505 (R)

Name of the Police Station

1. North Lakhimpur (03752) 222115
2. Dhakuakhana (03752) 254525
3. Bihpuria (03752) 263230
4. Laluk (03752) 256223
5. Baginadi (03752) 266366
6. Ghilamara (03752) 253401
7. Badatihat (R/PS)

Name of the Out Post

1. Dhalpur (03752) 265244
2. Narayanpur (03752) 262250
3. Adi-Elngi-Satra -
4. Chauldhuwa -


The district of Lakhimpur is 380 kilometers by road from Guwahati, the state capital of Assam. One can come to Lakhimpur by air, water and road. Lakhimpur has easy access to all of the major places of Assam. By road, numerous tourist and State transport vehicles are operating daily to all major town of Assam viz. Guwahati, Tezpur, Nagaon, Dibrugarh, Tinisukia, Sivasagar, Jorhat etc. This vehicles have both daily day and night.


Arunachal Express is operating between Lakhimpur and Guwahati via Rangia, Rangapara, Biswanath Chariali etc. This train leaves Guwahati in the evening and reaches Lakhimpur by the next morning. The railway station is situated in Nakari, approximately 2 km. from the town.


Lilabari is the the airport located around 5 kms away form the district HQ and Alliance India has launched a two-day-per-week flying schedule to Lakhimpur from Guwahati.


1) Deputy Commissioner, 03752-222196
2) Police Control Room, 03752-223737
3) Fire Brigade (Control No.), 03752-222201


2 No Bokanala 787032
Adi Alengi Satra 787054
Ahomoni 787052
Amtola Jaintpur 787052
Angerkhowa 787031
Arimora Tiniali 784165
Azad 787031
Badati 784162
Badhakhara 787032
Bahadurchuk 787031
Bahgora Deurigaon 784161
Bahpara 787055
Barbali 784163
Barkhamukh 787055
Batamari Tiniali 787053
Begumgaon 787055
Bhatowkuchi 784165
Bhimpara Balijan 787032
Bhogpur Chariali 787033
Bihupuria 784164
Bilmukh 787053
Boginadi 787030
Bogolijan 787031
Bokulguri 787055
Bongalchuk 787031
Bonpuroi 784165
Bor Alengi Satra 787054
Bordeurigaon 784164
Bordoibam 787053
Borgaya Khagori 787031
Borkhelia 787032
Bormuriachuk 787031
Borshala 787031
Budhbazar 787031
Chaboti 787051
Charaimoria 787032
Dafalakata 787052
Daulatpur 787054
Dejoo Te 787031
Deotala 787033
Deuliagaon 787053
Dhakuakhana 787055
Dhalpur 784165
Dharmagarh Sevashram 784165
Dharmapur 784160
Dhenukhana 787053
Dhunaguri 787054
Dighalia Hiloidhari 787055
Dikrong 784164
Dirgha Majgaon 787032
Dongibill 784161
Doolahat 787031
Duliapthar 784164
Durpang 787033
Echarikata Balijan 787052
Fukhanarhat 787052
Fulbari Bokanadi 787031
Ga Dangar Chuk 787053
Gabharu Tunijan 784160
Garchiga 787052
Gereki 787032
Gerukamukh 787035
Gharmora 787032
Ghatapara 787053
Ghilamara 787053
Ghughuhadal 787053
Ghunasuti 787032
Gobindapur 787055
Gogamukh 787034
Goroimari 787032
Gorumoria 787032
Gosaibari 787033
Hamarathan 784161
Haribor Naharoni 784160
Harmoti Merbil 784160
Hatilung 787031
Hindugaon 787032
Islamgaon 787054
Jalbhari 787055
Japisajia 787031
Japjup 784162
Jorabari 784164
Joriguri 784160
Joyhing Te 787051
Joysagar 787055
Kachikota Mirideurigaon 784161
Kachua 784165
Kadam 787032
Kakoi Rajgarh 787051
Kalakhowa Adarsha Gaon 787031
Kaligaon 787053
Kamalpur 784164
Kamalpur Chariali 784165
Kambong Gaon 787052
Kankan Chapori 787055
Katri Chapori 787056
Kekuri 787055
Kekuri Pamuagaon 787055
Kerekjuli 787033
Khajuapatir 787055
Khalihamari 787053
Kharkati 787052
Khelmati 787031
Kherkatamukh 787055
Khoga 787052
Khonajan 787031
Kinapathar 784164
Kowadonga 787031
Kuhiarbari 787052
Kuksabari 784165
Kutubpur 787054
Laguaborah 787053
Laholial 784161
Lakhanabari 784160
Laluk 787160
Letekupukhuri 787033
Likhakchapori 787054
Lilabari A/f 787051
Madhavpur 784614
Madhupur 787033
Mahaijan 787032
Manikachuk 787055
Medhisutigaon 787055
Meramukh 784164
Merbil 784160
Moderguri 787055
Mohemari 787055
Moidumia 787032
Moinapara 787029
Moitri Ashram 787051
Morichapathar 784161
Mornoi Bebejia 787055
Mornoikhora 787054
Na Ali Mirigaon 787052
Naoboicha 787023
Naragaon 787052
Neogaghuli 787055
North Lakhimpur 787001
North Lakhimpur Bazar 787031
Ouguri Dangdhara 787055
Padmapur 784164
Pathalipahar 784163
Pathalipam 787056
Patrichuk 787055
Pithguri 784163
Pohumara 787031
Pokadal 784161
Puli Naharani 784165
Purana Parghat 787053
Raidongia 784164
Rampur Deurigaon 787031
Rangati Charali 784165
Rongajan Borbil 787051
Rongpuria 787032
Ruptali Adarshagaon 784165
Sagarpur 787031
Salmora Tiniali 787052
Sandowkhowa 787054
Silonibari 787031
Simaluguri 784165
Sonardheki 787052
Subansiri Koibarta Adarsha Gao 787056
Sundia 787055
Tariani Berbhanga 787032
Ukhamati 787056
Uttar Kulabali 787032

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