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Head-Quater : Hailakandi
Area : 1326.10 sq. km
HQ PIN Code : 788151
HQ STD Code : 03844
Official Website : www.hailakandi.nic.in
Hailakandi District Map
Population : 6,59,260(2011 Census)
Male : 3,38,766
Female : 3,20,494
Sex Ratio : 946
Density : 497 per sq. km

Hailakandi district is one of the 27 districts of Assam situated in the southernmost corner of the state. It was constituted as a civil subdivision on 1 June 1869. Subsequently, it was upgraded to district in 1989. The headquarter town is Hailakandi itself. The district Headquarter is 350 KM away from the state capital Guwahati. The district is bounded by River Barak & Cachar district in the North & East respectively, Mizoram State in the South & East and Karimganj district in the west. The inter-state border with Mizoram is stretched over 76 km in the south east. Hailakandi has 2 towns : Hailakandi & Lala.

Declared as the 24th district of Assam in 1989 by a Government of Assam Notification No. AAA.98/89/Pt/I dt. 29/09/1989, Hailakandi is one of the fastest forward marching districts in the Barak Valley Region of Assam. Several myths are associated with the name 'Hailakandi'. In Barak Valley dyke is constructed for protection of people and land from flood. This dyke is colloquially pronounced as 'Ail' or 'Hail'. In the Bodokachari language 'Kandi' means temporary paddy land and this is how the district came to be known as 'Hailkandi' and then as 'Hailakandi'. According to some historians the district got its name from the 'Kuki' word ‘Halam’ means a small state and the word ‘Kundia’ meaning a plot of land for temporary ploughing. Another myth associated with the name of the district is Sali Paddy is grown abundantly as a staple food crop and from 'Sailkandi' the district came to be known as Hailakandi.

Nestled in the heart of Barak Valley, geographically Hailakandi occupies an important position. Located in plain and an apparently mountainous region, the district bears a cultural link-up with South East Asia on one hand and mainland India on the other. The topographical feature of the district is one that is diversified by plains and hills, bearing a link with the rest of the state through North Cachar Hills. Total geographical area of the district is 1327 Sq. KM. of which 10.53 Sq. KM falls in urban areas and 1316.47 Sq. KM in villages.

The district receives heavy rainfall with high humidity in summer. The average rainfall is 2873 mm and humidity is 85 per cent. In winter climate is cold and dry. There is piercing cold in December and January. Maximum Temperature ranges from 30-34 Degree Celsius and Minimum Temperature is 6-12 Degree Celsius.


Steeped in scenic splendour of nature in the midst of vast expanse of cropland and meandering river, Hailakandi is a treasure trove of cultural and religious tourism. Places which can rightfully claim a place in tourism map of Assam are Siddyashar Bari Sibmandir at Badarpur Ghat and Pach Pirr Mukam in South Hailakandi. Siddyashar Bari Sibmandir, which is a very popular tourist destination in the region. This temple is located in the Badarpur Ghat region, and Pach Pirr Mukan is another very important destination.


In the organized sector, tea is the main industry of the district. It has 17 Tea estates with 55.70 square kilometres under tea plantation employing more than 1,30,642 persons as per 1991 census. Production of tea was 87.62 tonnes. The Hindustan paper mill Panchgram comes to the second place where large number of people get employment opportunities in the district. The pre dominant income generating activity for the district is through agricultural sector and its allied enterprises.Peoples are very much kind herted


1. Srikishana Sarda College : Srikishan Sarda College was established in 1950 with eminent educationalist Late Sisir Kar Shastri as the founder Principal. The College land was donated by educationalist late Pratap Ch. Nath. Late Shrichand Sarda donated the 1st building of the College. The College was affiliated to Gauhati University in 1956. Since 1994,it is affiliated to Assam University. There are about 1300 students studying in Arts and Science stream. It has a strength of 55 Lecturers and 24 non teaching staffs. The Subjects taught here are English, Bengali, Manipuri, Sanskrit, Persian, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology & Statistics. The College is imparting education up to Degree Honors level in all subjects except Manipuri and Chemistry.

2. Abdul Latif Choudhury College : (Algapur) was established in 1996 and is affiliated to Assam University .The College's infrastructure & facilities are laudable. It has four floors and all of them are well equipped and maintained. It is located 8KM away from the main town Hailakandi. The College has two streams Arts and commerce. Since 1996, there are about 1500 students studying in Arts and Commerce stream. Staff strength comprises 35 Experienced Lecturers and 14 non-teaching staffs. The Subjects taught here are English, Bengali, Manipuri, Sanskrit, Persian, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Business Organization and Management, Computer Applications, Office Management, Business Law, Cost Accounting, Audit, Operations Research and Statistics. The College is imparting education up to Degree Honors level in all subjects except Commerce stream.

3. Sashi Bushan Institute of Open Learning College : This College started few years ago, is now functioning in the Community Hall, constructed by DRDA. This Building/Hall was established from the EAS Fund of 98-99 with an amount of Rs. 7.50 lakhs. It is situated at Lakhirbond, Hailakandi Badarpur PWD Road. It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam on 15 December 1998. Besides the construction of building of the College, the DRDA has also constructed the bounding walls of the College with an amount of Rs. 6.00 lakhs from EAS fund.

4. Sanskrit College : The building of Sanskrit College was constructed by DRDA from United Fund 1996-97 for an amount Rs.5.02 lakhs. At present nearly two hundred and above student are being benefited by this college.

5. ETC, Hailakandi(Boalipar) : Extension Training Centre, Hailakandi was constructed in the year 1998. There are (four) ETCs in the state of Assam. The ETC, Hailakandi covers the whole of Barak Valley & Hills districts. To arm up the rural youth both with the modern technique method, culture, veterinary, fishery, small scale Industries and other subjects with the hope of providing self employment in the rural areas with the help of D.R.D.A and other Govt. sectors are its main objects. So far 1391 unemployed youth were imparted training on Agro based sectors for self employment. Apart from this computer operation training is available in ETC.

6. Govt. V. M. H.S. School : The School was first established after the name of Queen Victoria as Victoria Memorial Middle English School in 1903 to spread education in this locality. The foundation stone was laid down by Her Majesty the Queen Victoria of England. The School was upgraded to High School stage in 1913 with Babu Raj Kumar Sen as the first Head Master. The School was undertaken by Govt.Presently, roll strength of the School is > 1000 and the admission is strictly on merit basis. The teaching in H.S. section is imparted both in English and Bengali medium. The School has a dedicated team of teaching and non teaching staff. The School has a glorious history of remarkable results and a large number of students are currently serving in high posts in different fields in India and abroad.

7. Hailakandi Govt.Public High School


2) Union Bank Of India (UBI), N S RD, Phone: 03844 - 222982
3) United Bank Of India (UBI), SBIBBARI ROAD, Phone : 03844-222290


The district has two numbers of towns- Hailakandi and Lala. Both the towns have elected Urban Local Bodies with 16 Wards in Hailakandi and 10 in Lala. There are four police stations in the district viz. Hailakandi, Algpaur, Lala and Katlicherra.


Hailakandi, South Hailakandi, Lala, Katlicherra and Algapur


1) Algapur - Nizam Uddin Choudhury (AIUDF )
2) Hailakandi - Anwar Hussain Laskar (AIUDF )
3) Katlichera - Suzam Uddin Laskar (AIUDF )


1) Hailakandi Civil Hospital, Dr. Kushal Sarma, Phone: 03774-281443/222423, Mobile: +91-9435522537


Name of the S. P. Shri Rajen Singh, APS
Phone : (03844) 222242
Fax : (03844) 222580
Mob : 94351-00012, 9541-00012

Dy.S.P. (HQ) (03844) 222579 (O), 222360 (R)
Dy.S.P. (B) (03844) 222578 (O)
C.I., Hailakandi (03844) 223116 (O), 222236 (R)

Name of the Police Station

1. Hailakandi (03844) 222253
2. Lala (03844) 244243
3. Katlichera (03844) 285424
4. Algapur (03844) 281424

Name of the OutPost

1. Panchgram (03845) 273231
2. Katakhal (03842) 277861


The distance of the state capital Guwahati from the district Head Quarter is 330 km. Bus service is available from the state capital.


Major Railway Station: Katakhal, Hailakandi, Badarpur and Lala


The nearest airport is Kumbhirgram (Silchar)


1) Deputy Commissioner - 222251/222204
2) Police Control Room - 224595
3) Fire Brigade - 222257
4) Circuit House - 222261
5) Circuit House (VIP Room) - 223581
6) Police Reserve - 222577
7) C.R.P.F. Camp, Kuchilla - 223929
8) District & Sessions Judge - 225766/222720
9) Assistant District & Sessions Judge - 222392/222461
10)Joint Director of Health Services - 222224
11)Addl. C.M. & H.O. - 224753
12)Superintendent , Civil Hospital - 222423
13)Executive Engineer, A.S.E.B. - 222332
14)Railway Station, Hailakandi - 222470
15)Post Master, Hailakandi - 222228
16)Post Office (FAX) - 222900
17)Sub-Divisional Officer, Telephone - 222595/222599
18)Junior Engineer, Telecom - 222279/222201
19)J.T.O., BSNL - 222320/224000
20)National Informatics Center - 223003
21)District Motor Transport Union - 222347
22)Wholesale cooperative - 222266
23)Nahar Gas Agency - 224470
24)Executive Engineer, NEC - 224834
25)C.R.P.F. - 223929


Alexanderpur 788161
Algapur Pt Ii 788150
Algapur Pt V 788150
Amala 788164
Anilgarh 788156
Anipur 788734
Appin 788161
Aynakhal Bazar 788164
Bakrihawar Pt Iii 788801
Baldabaldi 788162
Baliura 788155
Bansbari Pt Ii 788152
Banskhantilla 788736
Bar Hailakandi 788155
Barband 788164
Barjalenga 788117
Barsangam 788117
Baruala 788734
Bhairabnagar 788152
Bhatirkupa 788152
Bidyanagar 788734
Bishnunagar East 788152
Boalipar Bazar 788155
Bowarghat 788164
Brojapur 788155
Brojendrapur 788156
Burnibrease T E 788801
Chamtilla 788736
Chandanpur West 788152
Chandipur 788150
Chandrapur Pt Ii 788163
Chantilla 788736
Cheragh 788737
Chibitabichia 788150
Chiparsangam 788801
Dalgram Pt Ii 788735
Damcherra Bagan 788736
Dargarband Bazar 788156
Dhalibeel Pt Ii 788734
Dharirghat Grant 788165
Dholai Malai 788161
Dholai South 788161
Dholai T E 788165
Dinanathpur Pt I 788161
Dullabcherra 788736
Dullabcherra Bazar 788736
Fenairbond 788737
Fulbari 788802
Gamaria 788156
Gangpar Dhumkar 788152
Ghambhira Basti 788737
Gharmura Bazar 788162
Gharmura Bus Stand 788162
Hailakandi Bazar 788152
Hailakandi College 788152
Hailakandi East 788152
Harishnagar 788161
Jaffirband 788160
Jamira Bazar 788162
Jankibazar 788801
Kacharitol 788163
Kalamagura 788737
Kalibari Bazar 788150
Kalinagar 788801
Kanchanpur Pt Ii 788152
Karicherra Bazar 788165
Katagaon 788168
Katagaon 788160
Katlacherra 788161
Katlacherra Bazar 788161
Kayah T E 788164
Kuchila Bazar 788155
Kukicherra 788165
Lakhinagar T E 788164
Lakhirbond Pt Ii 788155
Lakshmisahar 788152
Lala 788163
Lala Deb Block 788164
Lalamukh 788163
Lalpani 788165
Leelachela 788734
Madanmohan 788152
Madaripar 788163
Maniknagar 788164
Manipur Bagan 788165
Matijuri 788155
Matirgram 788150
Mirirgool 788168
Mohanpur 788150
Monacherra 788164
Muktaranpur 788156
Muliala 788735
Narainpur 788152
Narainpur North 788801
Nayabeel 788117
Nimaichandpur Pt Ii 788160
Nimaichandpur Pt Ii 788168
Nischintapur 788164
Nitainagar 788155
Nityanandapur 788168
Nunapani T E 788117
Olivacherra 788737
Paikan 788155
Panchgram 788802
Pechaala 788734
Polarpar 788801
Purba Harinagar 788734
Purba Sonapur 788155
Rajyeswarpur 788163
Rajyeswarpur 788168
Rakhalbasti 788152
Ramnathpur 788162
Rangabawk 788161
Rangauti 788155
Rangauti Pt Ii 788155
Ratabari 788735
Ratakandi 788152
Ratanpur Road 788155
Rongpur Boalipar 788161
Rongpur North 788155
Rongpur South 788163
Rosekandi 788117
Rupacherra Basti 788161
Sahabad 788163
Sahapur 788117
Saidband Pt Ii 788150
Salchapra 788801
Samarikona 788155
Sarbanandapur 788163
Sarbantilla 788117
Sialtek 788802
Sibbari Krishna Nagar 788734
Singala 788164
Singlacherra Bazar 788736
South Sonapur 788737
Sudarshanpur 788160
Sultanicherra 788162
Tantoo Maniknagar 788163
Taranathpur 788117
Telkatta 788161
Tongibari 788735
Umednagar 788163
Uzankupa 788152
Vernerpur 788167
Vetarband 788736
Vichingcha 788155

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