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Head-Quater : Golaghat
Area : 3502 sq km
HQ PIN Code : 785621
HQ STD Code : 03774
Official Website : www.golaghat.nic.in
Golaghat District Map
Population : 10,58,674(2011 Census)
Male : 5,39,949
Female : 5,18,725
Sex Ratio : 961
Density : 302 per sq. km

The name Golaghat ( 'Gola' which means shop and 'Ghat' meaning the landing point of river ferry ) originated from the shops established by the 'Marwari' businessmen during mid part of 20th century AD at the bank of river Dhansiri near present Golaghat town. Golaghat district is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. It attained district status in 1987. The district headquarters are located at Golaghat. The district occupies an area of 3502 sq.km and lies 100 m above sea level. As of 2011, Golaghat district has a population of 10,58,674  World famous Kaziranga National Park is situated in Golaghat district. Golaghat district is surrounded by the river Brahmaputra to the north, the state of Nagaland to the south, Jorhat district to the east and Karbi Anglong and Nagaon district to the west. Dhansiri is the principal river, which originates from Laisang peak of Nagaland. It streams through a distance of 352 km from south to north before joining the Brahmaputra. Its catchment area is 1220 sq.km. Doyang, Nambor, Doigrung and Kalioni are the four rivulets of the Dhansiri. The river Kakodonga marks the border between Golaghat and Jorhat districts.

Golaghat played a significant role in the freedom struggle of India. Not to speak of the four valiant martyrs viz Kushal Konwar, Kamala Miri , Biju Vaishanav and Dwariki Das, a good number of men and women, both from urban and rural areas, jumped in the struggle for independence and suffered a lot while doing their duty towards the nation. It is worth mentioning that in many of the movements of the freedom struggle, the role played by the freedom fighters of Golaghat was unparalleled as compared to other places of Assam.

The 'POLITICAL HISTORY OF ASSAM' edited by a group of eminent historians of Assam speaks highly about the role of Golaghat. As per the records available in the book, the number of women volunteers in 1932's Civil Disobedience Movement was highest in Golaghat. Besides, the event of hoisting congress flag in the court building in broad daylight could be achieved in only four places in Assam and Golaghat was one of them. In 42's rebellion, Golaghat and Nagaon became the eyesore of the alien rulers.

The glorious role of Golaghat in the struggle for independence dates back to the first freedom struggle of India in the year 1857 popularly known as Sepoy Mutiny. During the period a camp of sepoys hailing from U.P. and Bihar were stationed in a village named 'NOGORA' about 12 km South of Golaghat town with two of its outposts at Jamuguri and Borpathar. Piyali Barua, a close associate of Moniram Dewan, came to this camp to stir the minds of the sepoys against the British in the line adopted by their colleagues in the northern India. The sepoys were aroused accordingly and they raised the first banner of revolt openly on 29th August 1857. This is reckoned as the first incidence in Assam where the sepoys serving under British rulers raised their voices against their rulers. This place was recognized in the golden jubilee year of Indian's independence by the Golaghat administration.

Attractions :

Kaziranga National Park : Kaziranga National Park is situated on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra river in Golaghat district. Kaziranga is a title of a remarkable success story of conservation of the One Horned India Rhinoceros and other wild lives in the North East India. It is not only the homeland of the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, but also provides shelter to a variety of wild lives. Established in 1908 as a game reserve, it became a national park in 1974 and is inscribed on the IUCN list of World Natural Heritage Site in 1985. It has an area of 430 sq. km. and lies between the Brahmaputra river and the Karbi Anglong hills. Much of the park is marshland interspersed with large water bodies, patches of elephant grass, scattered trees  and bushes. Kaziranga's wildlife include the great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, elephant, wild pig, hog deer, swamp deer, buffalo and other water fowl. Many migratory birds visit Kaziranga in the winter season.

Garampani : It is a hot water spring inside the Nambar Reserve Forest, about 18 Km South of Golaghat   town; only about 50 M. from  the NH 39  on  the way to Dimapur in   Nagaland. One can   visit it by   hiring a   taxi from Golaghat town or by  public  buses  plying  on  the Golaghat Dimapur route.  During winter  season  lucky visitors  may get  to  see herds of wild elephants  grazing  by  the  side of the highway as NH 39 passes through the thickest portion of Nambar Forest.

Neghereting Shiva Mandir : Perched on a   hill top,  it   is an  ancient  Shiva temple built by Ahom kings. It is  surrounded by  lush  green   tea  gardens and is a popular picnic spot. From the NH 37, it is only about 1 and 1/2 Km to the north. From Golaghat  town, it  is about  30  Kms  and  from  Jorhat town it is about 32 Kms. Neghereting temple is also  the  home  of  hundreds of monkeys.

Uncle Robin's Children's Museum : Situated on Mission Road in Golaghat town of Assam, Uncle Robin's Children's Museum lies within the residence of Dr Robin Banerjee, a naturalist of international repute. The museum exhibits some of the personal collections of Dr Banerjee's lifetime, which include dolls, paintings, artifacts, mementos, movies and others.

Deopahar  Ruins, Numaligarh : Why  is  that  ruins   are    always  so   much    more   appealing   than restorations ?  Deopahar  is  an example. Scattered on the hill top are ruins  of an ancient temple with  statues  lying shattered and greenery sprouting  from the  heads of  others. The climb to the top of the hill  is exhausting, especially on a hot day, but the view from the top spanning across  Numaligarh  Tea Estate  and   nearby  Karbi Anglong hills and forests is simply  divine. Deoparbat is situated just by the side of   road, about only 5 Kms.  from  Numaligarh  Tinali on NH 37, from where the N.H. 39   leading to Dimapur starts.

Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary : Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is 25 km from Golaghat. It occupies about 37 sq km and shelters wild elephants, various species of monkeys and rare types of orchids. Nambor is also famous for the hot spring lake, locally known as Goram Pani, which has medicinal properties.

Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) : Nestling in the sylvan environs of the Brahmaputra valley where the beautiful rendezvous of water and land throws up myriad colours, Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), which was set up at Numaligarh in the district of Golaghat (Assam) in accordance with the provisions made in the historic Assam Accord signed on 15th August 1985, has been conceived as a vehicle for speedy industrial and economic development of the region.

The 3 MMTPA Numaligarh Refinery Limited was dedicated to the nation by the erstwhile Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri A. B. Vajpayee on 9th July, 1999. NRL has been able to display creditable performance since commencement of commercial production in October, 2000. With its concern, commitment and contribution to socio-economic development of the state combined with a track record of continuous growth, NRL has been conferred the status of Mini Ratna PSU.

Economy :

Economy of Golaghat district is mainly agro based. Tea , Rice and Sugarcane are the main agricultural crops grown in the district. Except Numaligarh Refinery, there is no other heavy industries in the district as such. Tea is the largest agro based industry of the district. There are 63 large Tea gardens producing about 20000MT of tea per year. Moreover, emergence of small tea growers in the agrarian scene has heralded a new revolution in the district. Small scale tea cultivation has got considerable popularity here because of high profit in comparison with other high land crops . It has caught the fancy of educated unemployed youths to take the tea as there profession by choice rather than by circumstance. Rearing  and reeling of Muga and Endi, making of Japi (headgear) and earthen Potential and extraction of  Agaru oil are the cottage industries prevail in Golaghat district. Quality  Muga silk and  Agaru  oil in Golaghat district  are considered as superior.  Long neck earthen potential made in Dhekial, specially for storing molasses is unique as such long neck earthen pots are not  prepared anywhere in the world. 'Japi' of Naharani of Dergaon finds a market in entire Brahmaputra valley.

Education :

DEBRAJ  ROY  COLLEGE : Debraj Roy College  was established  in 1949  with donation  from  the then  proprietor of   Bogidhala Tea & Trading Company, late S.N. Roy in memory of his father late Debraj Roy. Since then the College has grown to be the premier institution of higher education of the District. It   is  a  full-fledged    Degree   College    under   Dibrugarh University   having Arts  and  Science  faculties. Phone : 03774 280382

DERGAON  KAMAL  DOWERAH  COLLEGE : The college was established in the year 1962 with a generous donation from  late  Kamal Dowerah after whom the college is named. It has been a co-educational College since its beginning. The college is situated in the Rajabahar area of Dergaon.

The college imparts education in Arts, Science and Commerce. Besides, the college has Post - Graduate class in  Economics  affiliated   under  Dibrugarh  University, and a study centre (Code 0402) of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

HEMO PROVA BORBORA GIRLS' COLLEGE : Hemo Prova Borbora Girls’College, Golaghat is a premier institution of higher education for woman in the district of Golaghat. This institution for collegiate education imparts education in Arts stream (Humanities) to woman at both higher secondary level and pre-degree (B.A.) level and it is permanently affiliated to Dibrugarh University, Assam.

H.P.B. Girls’ college was  established in 1969  with financial assistance from  late Alok Chandra Borbora of Golaghat to commemorate his mother’s name late Hemo Prava Borbora, a pious and religious lady of fame. Phone : 03774 280484


1) Axis Bank, BENGENAKHOWA, G.F. ROAD, Phone : 03774 - 281501/281422/281143
2) Central Bank Of India, KAPOOR COMPLEX, MAIN ROAD, Phone : (03774) 283607
3) Central Bank Of India, NUMLIGARH, Phone : (03776) 264444
4) Indian Bank (IB), Main Road, Phone: 03774 281345
5) Punjab National Bank (PNB), KATNALGORI, Phone: 03774-245666
6) Punjab National Bank (PNB), BENGENAKHOWA , Phone: 03774-281297
7) State Bank Of India (SBI), GOLAGHAT, Phone: 03774-283539,280055
8) United Bank Of India (UBI), DHODARALI
10)Union Bank Of India (UBI), 1st FLR CONN RD DHODAR ALI, Phone: 03774 - 281392

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Rhino and Deer in Kaziranga National Park
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Golaghat, Barpathar, Bokakhat, Garampani, Golaghat, Numaligarh, Dergaon, Kohora, Sarupathar


1) Bokakhat-Atul Bora (AGP )
2) Sarupathar - Roselina Tirkey (INC )
3) Golaghat-MLA-AJANTA NEOG (I.N.C.)
4) Khumtai-Mrinal Saikia (BJP )


1) Civil Hospital,Station Road, Phone : 03774-281443,Mobile: +91-9435136696
2) M/S Dergaon Nursing Home & Diagnostic Research Centre
3) M/S G.B.M Nursing Home
4) M/S H.G.M Nursing Home
5) M/S Vivakananda Kendra NRL Hospital
6) M/S Life Line Hospital & Research Centre
7) M/S Golaghat Nursing Home


Name of the S. P.
Prithipal Singh, IPS
Phone :(03774) 285233(O)/284234(R)
Fax (03774) 285107
Mob : 94355-25625
Police Control Room (03774) 280224

Addl. S.P.(HQ) (03774) 284829 (O), 280448 (R)
Dy. S.P.(HQ) (03774) 285418 (O), 282568 (R)
Dy. S.P.(DSB) (03774) 285178 (O)
SDPO, Bokakhat (03776) 268332 (O)
SDPO, Sarupathar (03774) 277004 (O)
C.I., Bokakhat (03776) 268019 (O)
C.I., Sarupathar (03774) 277004 (O)

Name of the Police Station

1. Golaghat (03774) 280081
2. Bokakhat (03776) 268017
3. Kamargaon (03776) 267038
4. Dergaon (0376) 2380272
5. Ghiladhari -
6. Sarupathar (03774) 277030
7. Borpather (03774) 278230
8. Merapani (03774) 240030
9. Chungajan -
10. Jamuguri -
11. Bogijan -
12. Uriamghat -

Name of the OutPost

1. Kohora (03776) 262426
2. Khumtai (03774) 289097
3. Dhekial -
4. Kamarbandha (03774) 247004
5. Furkating (03774) 246040
6. Numaligarh Refinery (03776) 265421


Golaghat district is well connected by roads - the national highways No. 37 and 38 are passing through the district. The NH 37 enters through Golaghat Nagaon border at Bagori and it passes through important places like Kohora, Kaziranga National Park, Bokakhat, Numaligarh town, Kamargaon, Dergaon before entering Jorhat District at Kakodonga River Bridge. The Golaghat town, the District headquarters, is situated on the PWD link road between NH 37 and NH 39. A road link also exists from Golaghat town to Wokha district of Nagaland.


Train services are available to Dimapur (Nagaland), Tinsukia, Dibrugarh and Guwahati. Furkating is the main railway junction in the district. A train service also operates from Golaghat town station to Jorhat District. Important railway stations in the district are Sarupathar, Furkating and Kamarbondha.


Golaghat district does not have its own airport. The nearest airport is Rowraiah near Jorhat at a distance of 55 Km from Golaghat town. Indian Airlines and Jet Air operate flight services in the Jorhat-Calcutta and Jorhat - Guwahati routes from this airport.


Deputy Commissioner - 03774-280222
ADC, Development - 03774-280308
Treasury Officer - 03774 280298
Supdt. of Excise - 03774 282382
Police Reserve - 03774-280520
Fire Brigade, Golaghat - 03774-280300
Fire Brigade, Bokakhat - 03776-268017
Supdt., District Jail - 03774-285154

Comndt. 85 CRPF, Bokajan - 03675-246069/246171
Comndt. 84 CRPF, Jonakinagar - 03774-283295
Asstt. Comndt. CISF, Numaligarh - 03776-265513
Joint Dirctor of Health Services - 03774-280265
Ex. Engg., ASEB - 03774-280312
Asstt. Engg .ASEB - 03774-280417
Dist. Transport Officer - 03774-282181
Supdt., A.S.T.C. - 03774-280105
Supdt., Income tax - 03774-280318
Supdt. , Central Excise - 03774-280313
S.A.I. Hostel - 03774-280679
Post Master - 03774-280548
Chairman, Municipality Board - 03774-280352
S.D.P.O. Bokakhat - 03776-268332
E & D Guest House, Bokakhat - 03776-268164
D.F.O. Wild Life, Bokakhat - 03776-268007
Principal, D. R. College - 03774-280382
Principal, Commerce College - 03774-280465
Principal, H.P.B. COLLEGE - 03774280485
Principal, G.B.B.H.S. School - 03774-280483
Principal, V.K.V. - 03774-280048
Principal, Christan H.S. - 03774-280307
Principal, DON BOSCO H.S. - 03774280809
Principal, SECRED HEART - 03774281176
Principal, Girls Polytechnic - 03774-280348
Principal, B.ED. College - 03774-282470
Madhuram Hotal - 03774-280264
Nambar Guesthouse - 03774- 280900
Dhansiri Hotel - 03774 -280856
DOSS & CO. Guesthouse - 03774-280209
Sarma Guesthouse - 03774-280805
Aranya Lodge - 03776-262429
Bonani Lodge - 03776-262423
Wild Grass - 03776-262437/262011
Soil Guest House, Kohora - 03776-260409
N.R.L. Guesthouse - 03776-265455
Priyam Bhaban - 03774-281229
Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital - 03774-280505
Supdt., Civil Hospital - 03774-280373
Nambor Travel - 03774-283100
Ratnagiri Tranel - 03774-280609
Himgiri Travel - 03774-280606
Jayhin Travel - 03774-283464
Palican Travel - 03774-282396
Director Technical(NRL) - 03776-265401


Badulipaar 785611
Baruabamungaon 785618
Bokakhat 785612
Dergaon 785614
Dergaon Chariali 785614
Dhekial 785622
Furkating 785610
Golaghat 785621
Kamarbandha Ali 785625
Kaziranga National Park 785609
Letekujaan 785613
Maheema 785626
Naojaan ( Edso) 785604
Neghiriting ( Edso) 785620
Numaligarh 785615
Numaligarh Refinery Project 785699
Oating 785603
Ptc Dergaon 785703
Sarupathar 785601

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